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The Big Mistake Everyone Makes with Webinars


Depending on who you listened to, webinars are either the thing that you 100% must have to grow your coaching business or they’re dead; depending on what they’re trying to sell at that time.

If they’re trying to sell you a course about how to do webinars, you 100% need webinars. And if they’re trying to sell you something else, then webinars are dead and they don’t work anymore.

The truth is,

How to Keep Your Mastermind Members for Longer Than a Year


In today’s #AskTaki, I’ve got a great question from Emily who asked…

“I need advice on how I can create a culture and understanding my hiring group program that’s a rolling community intended for them to stay a while like in Black Belt. This hasn’t historically been how my programs are being run, but I want to shift this…”

“…I know I can pre-frame this in future sales,

Accountability is overrated. Do this instead.

Hey gang, it’s Taki here.

I’m going to answer a quick question today that was asked by a great client called Isaac. And Isaac asked a little bit about our Boardroom program. Some of the things I obviously can’t share are Boardroom details —it’s like Fight Club.

But the one thing he did ask was about how to keep people accountable. And so, rather than give you all of the details about how we do accountability in Boardroom,

What to Do in the First 60 Minutes of Every Week

Hey gang, it’s Taki.

Just waiting for Kiri-Maree to appear. She’s been down the Waterfront walking and thinking and meeting.

We got our Tuesday morning meeting every week, and frankly, it’s a bit of a secret weapon that I don’t talk about a lot.

I don’t know how you work best, but I know I’m really good at three things, and anytime I’m doing something that isn’t these three things, frankly,

How to Convert Friends Who Insist They Don’t Have the Money


I was scrolling through one of my Facebook groups and I saw a question from one of the members, Emily.

Emily said, “Help me out. I’m not sure if this is a lost cause or if I’m just going through a Savior Complex’ or what. Little side note, sometimes those two things go together. But I got a friend who keeps insisting that he doesn’t have the money for my program,

How to Build Trust Fast and Qualify Pros


In this blog post, I want to show you the Triage Pad™, the one-page worksheet that I use to qualify buyers better and to build trust super fast.

I want to quickly talk about this amazing tool that I use. By the way, I want to teach you about it today. If you want a copy, I’ll be happy to hit what we’ve got. It’s just a PDF so my clients have an actual notepad of these things.

How I Discovered My Big Hairy Audacious Goal

   In this quick episode of AskTaki, I'm going to answer a very interesting question: “What process did you use to discover your big hairy audacious goal?” It's a really great question. It’s the first time I've been inspired by a goal in nine years. At the end of every year, we start to [...]

How to Improve the Awesome:Easy Ratio of Your Marketing Content


In this quick video, I want to just talk through something that’s been stressing me out a little bit. And the topic is content. Specifically, how to make content that is amazing.

Most people do content that’s kind of ‘okay’ at best. And ‘okay’ is alright, but I think we could do better.

How do we do content that’s amazing without it being really, really freaking hard to make?


How to Overcome the ‘I Need to Talk to My Spouse’ Objection

I’ve got a question from Dave who wants to know, “What’s the best way to handle the ‘I need to talk to my spouse’ objection?”

You’ve either got to get the partner who’s present with you to make the decision (in spite of their partner), or you need to somehow get them onboard, but do it in a way that doesn’t doesn’t slow down your sales process.

I’m going to give you 2 tips:

Tip #1

If the husband and wife both need to be onboard for the prospect to say ‘Yes’,

Can You (Should You) Work With Your Spouse?

I hope you’re amazingly well.

In today’s blog post entry, I want to answer a question that a bunch of my clients asks, and then at times, I’ve asked too.

And the question is, can you, should you work with your spouse?

Your husband, your wife, your significant other.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Should you work with your spouse?

Can you work with your spouse?