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Depending on who you listened to, webinars are either the thing that you 100% must have to grow your coaching business or they’re dead; depending on what they’re trying to sell at that time.

If they’re trying to sell you a course about how to do webinars, you 100% need webinars. And if they’re trying to sell you something else, then webinars are dead and they don’t work anymore.

The truth is, of course, they work. They work incredibly well. And we use them all the time. And there’s one thing that most people don’t think about when it comes to webinars.

And I think, frankly, it’s a little bit of a secret weapon if you get it right.

When it comes to a live webinar, somebody registers, and a little while later, the webinar goes live usually a day or two or three later.

Out of all of the people who register — let’s say 100 people registered for your live webinar. Only 25% of the people will show up. And so, there’s a bunch of things you can do to increase the show-up rate. 

And here’s the thing…

What most people do is they work as hard as they can to get the biggest percentage to show up they can, which makes sense. And then they work super hard at that doing an incredible webinar.

They work on their presentation skills and the structure of their session. They’ve put in all of this work to try to make a webinar that’s actually good. And then the truth is that webinars are bloody hard.

The first thing you need is a great structure.

If you’ve got a great structure, even if you’re not amazing, you can do well with webinars.

But if you’ve got a great structure, an incredible presentation skills, your webinars can be amazing for you.

Can the average person do well with webinars?

You know what, no. The average person can do well with webinars, but not everyone can be amazing at webinars. You need some natural talent.

We work really, really hard to do our best to this quarter of the people who actually showed up. Most of the people didn’t.

Here’s the thing, you’re putting in a ton of effort to a small slither of the potential audience. 100 people said they’re interested, only 25% showed up.

Second thing, not only does 75% — three-quarters of people don’t show up, but your best prospects probably don’t show up.

Think about your best clients. What do they have in common?

Well, they’re successful already. They’re busy. They’re probably not going to spend an hour or two watching your thing.

The best prospects aren’t going to show up on your webinar.

The opportunity’s not in doing a slightly better job for the 25%.

The opportunity is what do you do for the 75% of people and we’ve figured out something really great and stupidly simple.

It takes you two minutes to implement.

Things to do before the webinar and after the webinar; which means regardless of what you do on the webinar itself, we’ll have about 12% of the people who register request a sales appointment with you before the webinar, and a similar number after regardless of whether they show up or not.

Just think about this as we wrap up, 25% of people will show.

Obviously, you want to do the very best you can, but frankly, even if nobody showed up on your webinar, you can still do incredibly well if you think that the webinar’s job is to start a conversation; what you did before, what you did after.

Hopefully, that helps.

I’m going to sign off. Scratch my head, look for coffee, and I’ll talk to you soon.


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