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How to Compete without Testimonials

Experienced coaches have no trouble with this. They have worked with many clients who can vouch for them. 

But what happens if you’re just starting out? What if your prospects are going to someone else simply because that other coach has more people saying awesome stuff about them?

Candace asked me about this, which I answered in more detail in this video:


Winning without a bunch of testimonials in place is possible,

How to Turn a Facebook Group into Clients


Types of Facebook Groups

I’ve got a question from a great client of mine called Mike. He’s asking about Facebook groups — how to best fill them and what to do when people join.

What questions do you ask?

How do you maximise the number of leads you get from a Facebook group?

We’ve got two different groups. One is for people who do $10,000 a month,

How to Get Clients Better Results in 10% of the Time


The Coach-O-Matic™

As the sun comes up, I want to share with you how to get even better client results with about 10% of the coaching time.

I’ll give you a little sneak peek into a tool that we use in Black Belt called The Coach-O-Matic™.


Different Client, Same Questions

If you think about the work you do with your clients,

The 6 Numbers to Track as a Coach

The 5 Dials™

Today, I want to talk to you about what you track and what you measure.

In our Boardroom, we track The 5 Dials™. Thinking about adding one more though.

We track monthly revenue, profit, number of leads per month, number of days in your genius (the thing that brings in the money that’s easy, effortless fun for you), and number of free days.

So what’s the thing we might add?

Don’t Start with Strategy. Do This Instead.

Maybe strategy can wait.

Maybe you don’t have to have all the long term vision (sort of that) when you first get started.

Maybe what you need is something a lot more grounded on the ground — a lot simpler.

I’ve been thinking a lot about it slightly as we looked at our clients.


The First 30 Days

It was at an event a few weeks ago for Black Belt and we’re at after lunch with these guests.

The 3 Things You Need to Market, Sell and Deliver Your Coaching


I want to talk just for a couple of minutes about the three things that you need in order to be able to successfully sell and deliver and get results for coaching clients.

If you think about it at its most basic, I think one of the core principles that we need to follow as coaches is to sell real things.

Years ago, I remember bumping into a client of a coach friend of mine and I said,

Building Authority: Book vs Podcast

I just got a question from a client called Steve, who said, “Thinking about starting a podcast and also considering writing a book, what do you think is the best tactic for building authority and growing my list?”

Really good question. I think what’s interesting is that building authority and growing your list aren’t necessarily one thing.

I tend to think of them as two parts of a three-step equation.


How to Stop Your Leads from Slipping Through the Cracks


I’ve got a question here from Jason. He’s asking about how to make sure that the leads that he’s generating don’t slip through the cracks.

One of the quick wins that we use that typically generates a flood of leads really quickly in like a, a three to nine hour period. It’s not unusual to get hundreds of responses.

It’s something we do by email, something we do on an organic Facebook post and we often use it in a Facebook group.

Don’t Optimise for Conversion. Do This Instead.


What I want to do is tell you about how to get more sales, more conversions for your coaching business. We’re actually focusing on, not conversion, but something completely different. It starts with C.

A couple of videos ago, I told you about this strategy that we use called dig, set, spike.

A dig is marketing generate the lead.

A set is the warm-up piece that gets people ready to buy.

How to Stop a Client from Hogging a Group Coaching Call

Ed asks, “I’ve got a client who’s dominating a group coaching call. They spent ages and ages and ages going on and on and on about their problem, and it’s hard to redirect them. And secondly, when he does finish —fix their problem and solve their issue, they go, ‘Oh Ed, one more thing…’ So, what do you do about that?”

Call control, isn’t it? 

I’m just going to lay down straight.