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How to Structure a 12-Month Program

In this quick video, I’m gonna show you how to design a 12-month program so the clients get great results. 

One of the big problems that happens a lot when you design a 12-month program is, if I’m doing online courses, it’s kind of linear, like you know, you do step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4, that’s cool for like, a short course. But if you do something like 12 months or more, and it’s linear, then it’s really hard because if somebody joins today and all the other people are already 3 or 4 months in, the new people seem to drag the other people down or they just get lost. Does that make sense guys?

Why 81% of Coaches Fail

G’day Rockstar! Taki Moore here from Million Dollar Coach. In this quick video, I’m going to tell you why 81% of coaches fail in their first three years (bad news but worth the watch)

0:36 – Go Broke
0:56 – Burn Out
1:18 – Disappear
1:40 – The Business Model

I’m here at the Million Dollar Coach Intensive in Santa Monica with these guys. We’re talking about some of the reasons why coaches fail.

How to Help Clients Win

Right now, I’m going to give you a simple tip on how to get better results for your clients without you working any harder.

Your Authority Website

G’day Rockstar! Taki Moore here from Million Dollar Coach coming at you live from the Million Dollar Coach Intensive.

In this quick video, I want to show you a quick primer on what you need to do on your website to make sure that it’s great for building authority and converting leads.

00:13 – Your Authority Website
00:47 – Lead Magnet
00:57 – Credibility Indicators
01:03 – 3 Main Offers
01:10 – Visitors
01:33 – Warm Leads
01:50 – Hot Prospects

One of the things I used to struggle with was having great clients with sucky websites.

The James Bond Tactic You Can Actually Use In Your Marketing

Aston Martin, Belvedere, Bollinger, Fiat, Globe-Trotter, Heineken, Jaguar, Land Rover, Macallan, Mercedes-Benz, N.Peal, Omega, Rolls-Royce, Sony, Tom Ford, and Vuarnet.

Can you guess what these brands have in common?

These are just some of the brands (not all) featured in last year’s James Bond film, Spectre.

Even so, Spectre actually had less product placement than any other James Bond movie in the last 15 years.

Why Nobody Looks at Your Videos (And What to Do About It)



Video of you speaking directly to your prospects can be incredibly powerful for establishing your authority in your marketing.

When you make three-minute videos part of your regular communication rhythm, your prospects have a reason to keep coming back to your site. And even though it’s such a powerful tool, there are some significant challenges that keep many coaches from even attempting to make videos of their own to reach their audience.


I’ve got a little announcement about BIG news today.

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If you read this blog post to the end, I’ve got a feeling you’ll be super stoked, too.

After years of honing my craft, and making my very best stuff available to my seriously smart and devilishly good-looking crowd of Black Belt coaches …

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