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Maybe strategy can wait.

Maybe you don’t have to have all the long term vision (sort of that) when you first get started.

Maybe what you need is something a lot more grounded on the ground — a lot simpler.

I’ve been thinking a lot about it slightly as we looked at our clients.


The First 30 Days

It was at an event a few weeks ago for Black Belt and we’re at after lunch with these guests.

I was going to be talking about how Black Belt works and I said, “You know, the first 30 days in Black Belt isn’t very strategic at all. The really long term plans and stuff — we’ll get to that later. But the first 30 days is about something different. It’s about passion. It’s about money.”

I said that in the first 30 days in Black Belt, our job is to push a couple of quick win buttons and make it rain money and clients.

When somebody first starts with you, obviously, we’ve got this balance.

We want to balance the want for a long term relationship with your client with the need for some quick wins. And that’s kind of a really tricky balance to get right.

I think it’s certainly a tension that we kind of fight with all the time — like how do we balance wanting to set up a three to five-year relationship with excellence. With the desire to get some quick wins, so that the whole program is paid off in the first 30 to 60 days.

It’s not easy. One of the ways we figured it out is by delaying the strategy 30 days, and just focusing on quick wins upfront first.


“Get them off the beach”

I was chatting with a great client called Tony. There’s a metaphor that we were talking about called “get him off the beaches”. You know when the allied troops landed on D-day.

If you’ve seen that awful scene in Saving Private Ryan, it’s amazing, but super gory.

Whether the men get dropped off on those boats and the drawbridge is dropped down. They get machine guns and all hell breaks loose. And they’re kind of hiding behind whatever cover they can get. The jobs’ really simple. If you got to get off the spaceship, we’re going to die.

So what does all this got to do with you and your coaching business?

It’s really simple.

Your job is to get people off the beach and get them to progress fast. Get them out of the uncertain, ready for some strategic stuff. But right now, the first line of the base is to get them off.

In our world, that looks like — how do we get them up one belt level, get them $10,000 a month quickly so then they’ll stay with us for a long time because we build a profitable community that’s amazing.

It has high support, high performance, has great people, but also profitable. So why would you ever leave?



When somebody first starts working with you, what’s the result that you can help them achieve in the first 30, 60 or 90 days?

When I first started, I got told to do the strategy once you done it and see what it is. I ran the strategy and I got like 100 leads in the first hour. And I was hooked and that’s what we want.

If you’re a business coach and you’re doing six or even seven figures, and you want help to speed up your growth, and really scale, we should talk.

Just send me a message at with the word TALK, and see how we can help you.

Talk to you soon.

Taki Moore, out.


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