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I’ve got a question for you:

Have you ever spent quality time with a non-quality prospect?

Well, maybe driven across the town, or at least spend a bunch of time on the phone and Skype with somebody only to find out that they weren’t qualified and they would never gonna be able to say “Yes” and you’ve wasted a whole bunch of time.

Today we’re going to fix that forever.

So the great sales training that Bill Brookes once said that the best salespeople in the world have two abilities that set them apart from everybody else.

Two abilities:

  1. The ability to build trust faster.
  2. The ability to qualify buyers better.

If you think about what happens in the sales process, those two things decide whether you’re spending quality time with the quality person or not.

The ability to build trust quickly so they are able to open up to you.

The ability to qualify quickly so you decide whether you want to spend quality time with them or not.

So that makes sense in theory.

But how many times did you spend a bunch of time with somebody who wasn’t qualified and was never going to buy?

The secret probably isn’t what you think. I reckon the secret – is that the sales process isn’t set up to qualify quickly or build trust fast.

Let me tell you what I mean.


The Triage Call

See this missing step in most coaches’ sales processes. A step that most people don’t have in their sales process which means they end up spending big sum with people who aren’t matched and not enough time with the people who are.

That step is something that we call in Black Belt – A Triage Call. In fact, it was at the Conversion Intensive in San Francisco and in Sydney in the last couple of weeks. Teaching my clients how to triage like a pro.

You know when you go to the emergency room in the hospital, the first person you meet is the triage nurse and her/his job is to ask you a bunch of questions and work out who needs to see the doctor right now, who can wait a little while and who’s not an urgent case at all.

They triage you in or they triage you out?

So the answer is:

  • Now
  • Soon
  • Later

Right? You need a triage process in your sales process.

So what we do in Black Belt is we have a 10-minute Triage Call. A quick call which does two things:

  1. It qualifies people quickly.
  2. It builds trust faster.

And at the end of that quick conversation, we can either open the door and say, “Welcome to the next step“. And you know spend a little bit more time together to talk about how or we show them the other door.

You know we show them the door which is, hey, thank you so much. I said right at the start, my job today was to work out if or how it help base on what you told me is, this, this and this, I really don’t think I’ll be the guy, you should check out Joe blogs down the road.

You either open the door or show them the door.

We do it quickly in a 9 or 10-minute call before you do any serious selling.

If you add a Triage Call to your sales process, you build trust faster, you qualify buyers better and you don’t waste time with people who don’t deserve it at least right now.

A Quick Recap…

Add a Triage Call into your sales process so you could qualify better, so you can build trust quickly and when it comes time to your precious time, you’re only spending big time with big prospects.

Let me ask you a question.

Are you using a Triage Call in your sales process right now? And if you are;

What kind of difference has it made?

Any questions you’ve got about the Triage process, scroll at the bottom of this page and tap for me down there and let’s continue the conversation with comments.


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