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I want to talk to you about how to speak about your coaching program when you’re in front of prospects, so they get it and they want it.

I just finished the Black Belt Conversion Intensive, Sydney. It’s the Conversion Intensive so we’ve focused really heavily on how do we convert a prospect into a client in a one on one sales conversation.

And the question came up:

“When do I get to talk about my program or my coaching?”


“What’s the best way to do it so they actually get it and they want it?”

How To Convert A Prospect Into A Client

I want to give you 3 Tips right now:

1. This first you think about how to do it is: Wait for a While.

In a 45-60 minute sales appointment, you want to talk about your stuff in the last 10 minutes. Yeah, that’s right. That means for the first 35-45 minutes your focus is a 100% on them on leading the prospect, on stretching the gap between where they are and where they want to be and what’s holding them back. Then finally you get to this place where you are able to talk about you because now your stuff matters. Your stuff has a place in their world because they’re in the context of their goals and their problems. So #1 – Wait for a While.

2. When you do talk about yourself or your stuff: Don’t do a data-dump!

Give them one pill at a time. One little piece of information about your product, your service, your system and then check-in with them. One piece at a time.

We give away six pills:

• 3 pills about “Why they need it” and;
• 3 pills about “How it works”

We’ve got the emotion at the top and the logic down below. So you want to give out one pill at a time, 6 pills in each time checking with them.

3. The third tip for how to talk about your stuff is to circle slowly like a glider coming down the land.

You don’t want to dump all of your stuff on people and you don’t want to do what most sales training tells you to do and assume a sale. I think assuming a sale is crap. I think it’s bogus. We don’t need to do a 1980 manipulative bogus kind of sales techniques here.

Your job is really simple.

It’s to have a conversation and work out if you’re fit or not. And the way we do that is by checking in after each pill and you just want to find out:

Is this making sense so far?

Are you comfortable with everything so far?

Then finally ask people: Where do you think we should go from here (like I learned from my friend Ari Galper)?

When you circle slowly like that you’re not pushing anyone into anything. In fact, the reverse is true. They will pull you across the sales and you convert more sales.

A Quick Recap…

  • Wait a while
  • Deliver one pill at a time
  • Circle slow

When you do that, here’s what happens:

You don’t look so needy, you lose that desperation vibe that you’ve been given off, you become more attractive to prospects and you sign more clients.


I’ve got a question for you: What’s your #1 sales tip when it comes to converting prospects into coaching clients?

Love to know so leave me a comment down below. Let’s continue the conversation down there.


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