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Today, I am going about how to wear the right underwear as a coach.

We’ll be talking about how to wear the right underwear as a coach, specifically, how to design the perfect business model for you.

One of the risks we have often is we look at what other people are doing and blindly following someone’s tactics and business model like how I started.

The Wrong Model

The only wrong model I had for leverage coaching was a guy call Dan Kennedy, a 100-year-old grumpy introvert who used to write letters to people, that way he can only send them stuff, not talk to anyone and collect money.

I thought that’s what you could do, so I wrote newsletters to people and I hated it. I’m an extrovert, I hate writing and I really like connecting with people. Even if he was financially successful, it actually sucked for me.

Having the wrong business model is a lot like wearing the wrong underpants, kinky at first, pretty soon it gets a little awkward like those wedgy things. I don’t want you to have a wedgy business model situation.

The Perfect Business Model

We want to build the perfect business model for you. A business model which fits you like a glove. I’m just gonna leave that one alone, right there.

To design the perfect business model, there are 10 or 11 different sliders. You can either be the expert or the host. You got to decide if you want to teach the content or just bring in people who got the goods. gonna be niched or generalized? Is my business gonna be local, or national or global?

Are you gonna be niched or generalized? Is your business gonna be local, or national or global?

There are a bunch of different sliders, so when you decide how you want your business model to be, nothing about what anyone else but everything to do with just what you want for yourself. So when you do that, you have to play it your best, give people incredible results, and frankly have a business that you love, even more, that somebody else’s underwear.

Have you ever worn somebody else’s underwear? If so, post his photo, love to see it! Just kidding. Leave a comment below.


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