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How to Wear the Right Underwear as a Coach

Hey Rockstar, Taki Moore here from Coach Marketing Machine. Live in Santa Monica. Today, I am going about how to wear the right underwear as a coach.

And we’ll be talking about how to wear the right underwear as a coach, specifically, how to design the perfect business model for you. So one of the risks we have often is we look around what other people are doing and blindly following someone else’s tactics. We end up following somebody else’s business model like how I started.

Don’t hustle. Do this instead.

I’m here at the Million Dollar Coach Intensive in London.

I have just been given a topic to talk about: “How to not work so hard in your coaching business”

I have this theory that working hard is a little bit overrated. There’s a thing going on right now that we should hustle.

You’ve probably seen a bunch of people or a bunch of gurus talking about how important hustle is. And frankly,

The Ascension Model

The Ascension Model

One of the things that we were talking about earlier is the ascension model. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it but a lot of marketers teach you to run your business.

The Ascension model has something free in your funnel, something cheap, like a tripwire, something not so cheap, something expensive, something really expensive, and something really really really freakin’ expensive. That’s good in theory, and they say that about 20% of the people in each step in your funnel will upgrade to the next step.

How to Build the Perfect Product

We’re talking about how to put together a course using the framework we call The Signature System™. When you think about it, every course is designed to solve one particular problem, and there are three key parts in building a signature system for you.

How To Remove The Pressure From Sales Appointments with Application Selling

In the past, a big part of what made a coach successful was their ability to stomach the uncomfortable sales process.

These coaches didn’t mind dealing with the typical roadblocks from prospects in sales appointments – roadblocks like not enough money and bad timing.

They didn’t mind dealing with the pressure. And make no mistake, there’s a ton of pressure on everyone involved in the sales process. There’s pressure on you to perform well in the meeting.

3 Warning Signs You’re Not Targeting The Right Clients

To get the ideal client, you need to target the ideal client.

But, you can’t target the ideal client unless you hone in on exactly who that is.

So who’s your ideal client – your avatar? Who’s the one person you want to talk to?

If you’re not 100 percent sure, you’re not alone. Many coaches, especially new coaches, struggle to identify the exact person or business to target. But, just because a problem’s common doesn’t mean it’s not costly.

How to Order Your Marketing and Sales for Successful Conversions

John bit the dog. The dog bit John. Same four words, but when arranged in a different sequence, they have an entirely different meaning. Especially for John!
— Tony Robbins, MONEY Master The Game

Marketing Sequence. It’s not a topic that coaches hear a lot about.

We’re usually busy hunting down the newest strategies and best practices for our marketing and sales. But, finding the right strategy is only half of the battle.

Keep Your Clients Over The Holidays: 5 Questions That Make Clients Recommit

Most people are looking back on the past year with a tinge of regret. They’re wishing they’d worked a little harder and or gotten bigger results.

They’re also looking ahead, hoping to turn things around in the upcoming year. Maybe they’re hoping for a miracle that next year will magically improve.

As coaches, we need to focus on more than just hanging onto our clients. We need to focus on getting our clients to recommit to themselves,

Setting News Traps

In this blog post, I will teach you what to do if you don’t know what video you are going to make. Specifically, how to know what content to create that your audience will love.

Are you having a good time so far? Have you got more than your two hundred dollars worth of value? At some point in the future should come. Alright, so this is a shameless blog, where we are just talking about how to know what to talk about.

The S.A.G.E Magnet Builder

I want to show you how to create the perfect lead magnet. The 4 Elements of every perfect lead magnet using something that we call “The SAGE Magnet Builder”.

The S.A.G.E

I’ve been thinking a little bit since the Traffic Intensive with Black Belt a couple of weeks ago in LA and in Sydney about designing the perfect lead magnet. The truth is, that there are lots and lots of different ways to create the perfect bait piece;