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I want to show you how to create the perfect lead magnet. The 4 Elements of every perfect lead magnet using something that we call “The SAGE Magnet Builder”.

The S.A.G.E

I’ve been thinking a little bit since the Traffic Intensive with Black Belt a couple of weeks ago in LA and in Sydney about designing the perfect lead magnet. The truth is, that there are lots and lots of different ways to create the perfect bait piece; you know, the perfect free thing that you give away in return for an email address so the permission to stay in touch.

Turns out though that the perfect lead magnet has 4 core components. We call it SAGE. So let’s get quickly into it.


The first thing your lead magnet should be is ‘S’ for ‘short’. You want to be able to consume it in kinda 4 to 7 minutes quickly if we can. Why? Because it encourages people to actually dive in and actually consume it, the shorter it is, okay? I don’t download it, know that it’s a 50-page report and go, “Oh, I’ll check that out later”; it encourages immediate consumption.


A: it wants to be actionable. The best lead magnets have a practice component. Fill in the blank worksheets or assignments to do; action-oriented, so that people can either do the homework and get the result or see themselves that if they did do the homework, they’d get the result quickly.


G: it wants to be goal-oriented. In other words, it’s gotta be the first step towards achieving the big goal, the big outcome they want. One of the examples we used in the Traffic Intensive is, let’s say you want to teach people how to play guitar. I know that it’s probably, you bet, the impression it was. The perfect ‘G’ for this first step towards the goal might be how to play the F-chord or something like that. So it wants to be goal-oriented, but teach you the very first step they can get a quick win with.


And the E in our SAGE Magnet Builder is ‘Easy’. It wants to be easy enough for a beginner to get results quickly.

The four-step formula for creating the perfect lead magnet is SAGE. It’s Short, it’s Actionable, It’s Goal-Oriented and it’s Easy enough for a newbie to get started. If you take those 4 core components, and you start it with an intro, you wrap it up with a call to action about your next step, you’ve got a lead magnet that is kinda killer.


So that’s this week’s Coach Marketing Tip when it comes to building a lead magnet, keep it SAGE, and you’ll do really really well.

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When it comes to lead magnets, what is your current lead magnet? Are you using a free report or a video series or a one-page checklist or a free session? What’s your number one lead magnet right now? Just leave me a comment below. Love to continue the conversation with you down there.


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