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I want to talk to you about how to put up a 6-week course to sell your stuff.  There are a couple of different price points you can sell and programs you can run, But I think a 6-week course is a great way to start a 1:Many Coaching Program.

The Signature System

Alright, so when you put together a 6-week course, at a price point between $500 or $8k, depending on the outcome that you deliver for your clients.  There are really 3 core components I want you to keep in mind.  Every program is built on what we call as a ‘Signature System’.  It has 3 Core Components. A problem, a promise, and a process.

The Problem

So here’s what I want you to do: First thing I want you to do is to think about your ‘Ideal Client’ and what their problem is. So you’re gonna get a wall and some post-it note. On the left-hand side of your wall, write down all of the frustrations and fears that your prospect has. So the problem is made out of frustrations and fears. Make a big fat list with post-it notes on that wall. Cool?

The Promise

Then we’re gonna go to the other side and we’re gonna make the promise. The promise side is on the other side of the wall. At the end of the 6 weeks, what’s the result that you desperately hope they get, and its gonna be wants and aspirations. Make a list with all your post-it notes of all the wants and aspirations. So they want to get from over there, from here to the promise. Cool. So we got the problem and the promise.

The Process

The third part of this is once we have the problem, the bad thing we want to avoid, and a promise, the thing that they desperately want to get. The next piece is what’s your process. One of the steps to getting a person from a sad face on the left to happy face on the right, what are the key milestones? Again, with post-it notes just list all the steps. Shuffle them to the right order. Delete some or merge a couple together if you need to. We’re looking for 6 or 8 for a great looking course. Once we’ve done that, we’ve got a problem, promise, and a process. You got yourself a start of a really killer signature system.

The Conclusion

Just remember, problem, promise, process, signature system.

Have you built an online course yet or not to leverage your coaching? Just leave me a comment. Yes or no and we’ll continue the conversation down below.


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