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Why You Need to Drain the Swamp


Today, I want to talk to you about draining the swamp. I came down to the pool for a swim, and when I got there, it was kind of empty. And so, on Thursdays, clearly is the day that the local government comes and empties out the pool.

It was kind of three-quarters empty when I got there. It gets drained out of the corner and then when the high tide comes in,

How to Improve the Awesome:Easy Ratio of Your Marketing Content


In this quick video, I want to just talk through something that’s been stressing me out a little bit. And the topic is content. Specifically, how to make content that is amazing.

Most people do content that’s kind of ‘okay’ at best. And ‘okay’ is alright, but I think we could do better.

How do we do content that’s amazing without it being really, really freaking hard to make?


Build Something Great



I’ve been inspired a lot lately by a few great quotes and a couple of local businesses here in Hawaii. And I think there certainly —there’s lots in there for me to improve the way I work and the way we work as a business.

And I kind of hope that it inspires you to do something great for you as well.

So, let me give you like a little bit of a stack of like events —quotes,

​5 Keys to Building Awesome Slide Presentations​

​Slide presentations don’t have to be boring, slow, and cheap-looking, but most of them are. Here are 5 tips for creating stunning slide presentations that hold your audience’s attention, double your impact, and set you apart from your competition. ​

How to Build the Perfect Product

We’re talking about how to put together a course using the framework we call The Signature System™. When you think about it, every course is designed to solve one particular problem, and there are three key parts in building a signature system for you.

How To Package Your Expertise (or Coaches: Let’s Get Off the Hamster Wheel)

Are you going around and around your “coaching” hamster wheel?

Are you feeling trapped by your coaching career?

Are you disappointed that your coaching career—which you dreamed would offer you great freedom—is starting to feel like a prison of your own making?

Are you working backbreaking hours and still feeling the pressure to chase clients and make more money?

Are you just running faster and faster but getting more and more frustrated?

The Signature System

I want to talk to you about how to put up a 6-week course to sell your stuff.  There are a couple of different price points you can sell and programs you can run, But I think a 6-week course is a great way to start a 1:Many Coaching Program.

The Signature System

Alright, so when you put together a 6-week course, at a price point between $500 or $8k, depending on the outcome that you deliver for your clients.