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Are you going around and around your “coaching” hamster wheel?

Are you feeling trapped by your coaching career?

Are you disappointed that your coaching career—which you dreamed would offer you great freedom—is starting to feel like a prison of your own making?

Are you working backbreaking hours and still feeling the pressure to chase clients and make more money?

Are you just running faster and faster but getting more and more frustrated?

Guess what?

Many coaches are trapped too. Just like you.

You exchange dollars for hours and quickly hit a ceiling on their income potential.

You constantly scramble for new clients. It’s either ‘feast or famine’; when you have clients you are so busy working you don’t have time to market and vice versa.

Round and round the hamster wheel we go…

You love what they do. But hate the fact that every day—every week—is a struggle to survive.

Sound familiar?

I know.

I’ve been there.

So have all my current clients (who I can proudly say have escaped the merry-go-round)

And I’m here to reveal a secret… one of the best ways to get off the Coach Hamster Wheel once and for all is to package.

Let me explain…

Packaging allows you to:

  1. Share your expertise more easily
  2. Serve many people at the same time and in the same way versus working with people 1:1 in a customized way
  3. Build an asset that is ‘bigger’ than you.


A Few Reasons Why You Need To Package Your Product

  1. Uniqueness. Packaged products make it much harder to compare you to your competition because it is utterly unique to your personal expertise. Instead of charging a standard hourly (or daily) rate, you instead are offering up a value package with a clear benefit. Thanks to a package, you will no longer be a commodity
  2. Recurring Revenue. The great beauty of a package is that you create it one time but you can then sell it over and over. This means less work for you, more clients and a higher quality experience all round. .
  3. Time. Read my lips. Stop trading hours for dollars. It’s a thankless and limiting way to grow your business. It means you can never stop, get sick or take a vacation unless you’re okay with losing income. Packaging your expertise allows you to earn money while you sleep and free up time to pursue exactly what you want in life.

Where Do I Start?

Here are a few tips of how you can get started packaging your expertise:

Step One: Organize Your Thoughts

  1. Brainstorm. Take some time to consider what your system is (even if you recognize you have one or not). Talk to existing and past clients about the process of working with you. Write down everything you always repeat time and time again when you work with a client so that you can pinpoint your unique process.
  2. Outline. Once you have a handle on everything you want to include, create a simple outline of your system in steps. And don’t worry if your first attempt ultimately bears no resemblance to the final product. Just the mere act of writing an outline will get you more organized.

Step Two: Create the Material

  1. Write. Writing is excruciating sometimes. But it is a great discipline for helping you understand your body of knowledge. You can of course start by writing a book but I’d suggest you start with a blog. Break your expertise down into bitable chunks. You will be able to show off your skills and expertise to prospects while at the same time organizing your package…one blog at a time.
  2. Record. There’s nothing like reading something out loud to get clarity. Plus it’s so easy. You can either write first and then simply read the written material to create a podcast or video training. Or you can simply talk first (and then have the audio transcribed). Recording is a great timesaver. The best part is audio has become an increasingly popular learning tool for our ‘on the go’ lifestyles.
  3. Go live. Do live workshops for corporations, the community or local colleges. It’s a great way to get “hands-on” and you can deliver live events in so many ways including speaking opportunities, conferences, retreats and seminars. Another way to go ‘live’ is through virtual events (webinars or teleseminars) which are hassle-free and convenient.

Step Three: Putting the Bow On

  1. Package. Now you’ve organized your process and articulated it through writing, recording and live times, it’s time to put the package. Everyone learns using different modalities so it’s preferable to package each lesson in at least 2 different formats (i.e. a PDF with an audio).
  2. Automate Create a membership site which allows you to deliver your videos, audios and written materials in an organized and sequential fashion—on automatic pilot!

So get off the ‘dollars for hours’ hamster wheel. Take what you’ve been doing 1:1 for clients, organize it and package it. You’ll earn more money and have more free time while serving more people.

Sounds like a win-win to me. What do you think?


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