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I will give you the key ingredients that I use when I create my weekly authority videos on the blog.

Each video does 3 things.

  1. It gets people’s attention.
  2. It creates engagement.
  3. It triggers action.

Those are the 3 things we want: attention, engagement, and action.

Dropping Bombs

Nobody wants to consume your content. Nobody wants to consume content. There’s already enough content in the world. Like, if I said, “Hey, would you like to consume some of my content?” You would have to be a complete moron to say Yes to that because nobody wants content.

What they do want is you to drop bombs. Specifically, there are 2 kinds of bombs I want you to drop: value bombs and swag bombs.

Value Bombs

Number 1, value bombs. I want you to be answering real people’s real problems and actually solving actual problems. Right? Being useful to people. Imagine that.

There’s a book by Jay Baer called “Youtility”. And it’s all about the how the best marketing is going to be useful for people. 

A value bomb is that every video you create –every piece of content that you make is actually useful to people –it solves real people’s real problems. It’s actionable, it’s practical, it’s relevant. Right? So, that’s the value bomb’s side.

Swag Bombs

We also want to create content that’s not just value bombs, but it’s swag bombs.

In other words, it’s delivered in a style that is engaging, that is fun, that has a little bit of kind of swag or style to it. And what I don’t mean by that is I don’t want you to create a video like somebody else –like, Gary V. I mean, he sounds amazing. Or like Taki, or like this person.

I don’t want you to kind of –because Taki taught you to, take your shoes off and wear a black V-neck. Don’t have to do that. I just happen to have 17 black V-necks because it makes my life simple, and I don’t like shoes. Right? So, I’m just being authentically me.

So, value bombs and swag bombs. Is this making sense?

If this is making sense so far, can you just do me a favor and just type it into the comment box Yep and that’ll let me know that you’re with me and that you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

These blog videos that I create on my site are built on a simple framework. And I think the secret to being able to drop value bombs and swag bombs simultaneously is to freestyle in a framework.

And specifically, what I mean is, I’m going to give you the framework in just a minute or 2. The formula, if you like, for a great authority video. And once you’ve got the framework, it’s really simple. Kind of 3 key areas –2 things to do on each, 6 pieces altogether. But easy, right?

I’m going to give you a framework, a little pattern to follow. And then you just pour your content in and be yourself. Is that cool?

3-Part Formula

When I shoot my authority videos –actually, there has been 3 chunks:

  1. Opening
  2. Content
  3. Wrap up



The very first thing I’d do is the opening for 10 seconds, and it has two parts: branding and promise.

So, I’d say, “G’day Rockstar. It’s Taki Moore here from” That’s branding.

The promise is, “And in this quick video, I want to show you how to shoot a really powerful, high energy, 3-minute blog video that gets people’s eyeballs –gets their attention, gets people engaged, and gets them to take action.”

That’s the opening. It has branding and promise.


So, the next piece is where I’m going to teach. I’m going to do 2 things:

  1. I’m going to teach.
  2. I’m going to seed.

So, teach is explain the content. And seed is mention 1 of my next step offers that somebody could come to or find out more about; our product.

So, I might say something like this, “So, 1 of my favorite parts of the Million Dollar Coach Intensive –the 1-day workshop that I run- is where I teach people about building authority. And 1 of my favorite bit is about is when I’m teaching how to build authority with video just like this. And in that formula –in that session, I walk people through the entire framework. I give people the worksheet called The Video Flow which helps them map out a 3-minute video in no time flat. So it’s easy to build. Let me give it to you right now.”

“And in that formula –in that session, I walk people through the entire framework. I give people the worksheet called The Video Flow which helps them map out a 3-minute video in no time flat. So it’s easy to build. Let me give it to you right now.”

“The key to a great –there are 3 parts of the video. There’s the intro which is branding and promise. Then there’s teach and seed like I’m doing right now. And then there’s a wrap-up and call-to-action.”

So, all I’m going to do is just teach that bit. Right? So, the second part of the video is Teach and Seed. “If you notice, I told you about the Million Dollar Coach Intensive which is my 1-day crash course workshop which is freaking epic. And if you’re in or can get to Australia or the United States, you should totally come.” Okay?

Wrap Up

Then comes the last 10 seconds which is the wrap-up. And in the Wrap Up, I’m going to do 2 things again. Right? Always 2 things because good frameworks are built on balance. And the wrap up is really straightforward. It is literally a goodbye and a call-to-action.

So, all I’m going to say is, “By the way, if you are on this and you’ve been to the Million Dollar Coach Intensive and you think it was great, just leave a little comment and tell people they should go. is where you can grab a ticket.”

So, the wrap up is going to look like this. “So, that’s this week’s Million Dollar Coach tip. I hope you loved it. If you did like it, then, what I’d love you to do is click the like button and that will let the world know about the videos we’re doing.”

That’s my little call-to-action piece. Or I might ask people to leave a comment.

So, let’s summarize the framework.

  • First 10 seconds, opening = branding and promise.
  • Middle chunk: teach and seed.
  • Last 10 seconds, wrap up and call-to-action.

Hopefully, this has been helpful for you.

If you’d like a copy of The Video Flow worksheet, the 1-page worksheet that I use to map out these videos, just send me a message at and put “The Video Flow Worksheet“, and I’ll hook you up.

If you’d like to find out more about the Million Dollar Coach Intensive and how you can get tickets, then leave a comment below, and I’ll give you the details.


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