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Aston Martin, Belvedere, Bollinger, Fiat, Globe-Trotter, Heineken, Jaguar, Land Rover, Macallan, Mercedes-Benz, N.Peal, Omega, Rolls-Royce, Sony, Tom Ford, and Vuarnet.

Can you guess what these brands have in common?

These are just some of the brands (not all) featured in last year’s James Bond film, Spectre.

Even so, Spectre actually had less product placement than any other James Bond movie in the last 15 years.

It may annoy audiences to see brand after brand flash across the screen when trying to watch their favorite action movie, but there’s a reason why companies pay big money (as in $45 million from Heineken in Spectre) to place their products in blockbuster hits — it works, plain and simple.

On the last post, we talked about the first key to making short videos that establish you as an authority to your prospects. Right now, we’ll look at the second key principle.

#2 — Place Your Product

After you hook your audience in your video, you’ll teach your content. While you teach, though, I want you to place your product.

In every single video, mention something your prospects could do with you.

It doesn’t mean you have to sell your program on your video. I just want you to subtly drop the name of a product or program you offer.

For example, often at the start of my videos, I’ll say something like, “I was just at a two-day intensive with our Black Belt members when…” or “I was on a live Q&A Coaching Call that we do every month in Black Belt when someone…” or “Last month at the Million Dollar Coach Intensive, someone asked me…”

Then, in the transcription below the video, I’ll include a link someone can click to find out about that next step I just mentioned.

What’s your next step offer? Is it a webinar? Live event? Free download? Video series?

Whatever it is, place it directly into the teaching content of your video.

You can’t expect your audience to know the next step you want them to take unless you teach them. So your job in each video is to seed one of the products into the content, just like they do in a James Bond movie.

Place your product and show people, stealthily, what to do next.

On the next post, I’ll show you the simple (and super-fast) method I use to film my videos, so stay tuned.


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