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How to Help Clients Win

Right now, I’m going to give you a simple tip on how to get better results for your clients without you working any harder.

The Real Reason Coaches Fail to Create Lasting Joint Ventures

I can’t wait to walk you through this strategy. This is based on a training I did with our members called the 14-Day Alliance — a strategy for taking a joint venture (JV) partner from having never heard of you to promoting you in just two weeks.

But before we get into the details, I want to give you an idea of just how powerful joint ventures can be.

Jay Abraham was my first exposure to marketing.

The Top 3 Reasons Coaches Fail At Content Marketing

The line between content and marketing is fuzzy. These days it’s become so blurred that it’s hard to tell what’s what. Sometimes, what looks like news is fiction and what looks like fiction is really news.

We know content marketing is vitally important to growing our coaching business, but as tough as it is to identify content marketing, it’s even harder to create it.

Here are the most common problems coaches run into when trying to create killer content marketing on their own.

Why Coaches Fail To Create Addictive Content

You know you need to be in regular contact with your prospects. Whether it’s sending out a regular email newsletter or posting a blog, video, or podcast, we all need to be using some kind of keep-in-touch strategy.

The question is, what do you say and how do you say it in a way that people actually respond to without coming across as a pushy salesperson?

The Danger

It’s not the easiest thing to do,

How To Package Your Expertise (or Coaches: Let’s Get Off the Hamster Wheel)

Are you going around and around your “coaching” hamster wheel?

Are you feeling trapped by your coaching career?

Are you disappointed that your coaching career—which you dreamed would offer you great freedom—is starting to feel like a prison of your own making?

Are you working backbreaking hours and still feeling the pressure to chase clients and make more money?

Are you just running faster and faster but getting more and more frustrated?

Why Coaches Fail To Write Compelling Marketing Content

The story goes that John Lennon and Yoko Ono were sitting in bed one day and Yoko said, “John, I really wish I had a pool.”

His response was, “Okay, I’ll write us one.”

He then wrote a song, performed it, and sold a ton of records, making plenty enough money to have a pool put in. John Lennon knew how important a few words written for the right audience could be.

You have the opportunity to write yourself a pool.

The 3 Reasons Why Most Coaches Fail

Most of us become coaches because of the promise. It’s the reason I became a coach, and it’s why most of the coaches I talk to became coaches.

This promise is made up of 3 things. When you made the choice to become a coach, it’s probably because of these reasons.

The first reason is income. Coaching can generate incredible cash flow. You can earn a great living, lead a great lifestyle, and (some coaches) make a small fortune.