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The line between content and marketing is fuzzy. These days it’s become so blurred that it’s hard to tell what’s what. Sometimes, what looks like news is fiction and what looks like fiction is really news.

We know content marketing is vitally important to growing our coaching business, but as tough as it is to identify content marketing, it’s even harder to create it.

Here are the most common problems coaches run into when trying to create killer content marketing on their own.

1. Writer’s Block Hits You

Have you ever experienced this? Let’s say you need to write a promotion or blog post, record a video, or send out a newsletter and you get stuck.

You’re looking at a blank screen, you have no idea what to write and the reality sets in that you have writer’s block.

We start writing, but it’s not good enough and we throw it away.

We start again, but it’s still not good enough so we throw that away.

We never gain momentum because we’re overwhelmed by thinking and writing at the same time.

Thinking first and writing second is the easiest way to fix this. If you think and write at the same time, you ask too much of yourself. You’re putting unnecessary obstacles in your way.

2. You Fall Behind Schedule

When you get stuck because of writer’s block, you fall behind schedule.

You miss a week of content marketing or the monthly newsletter gets postponed.

Is it tragic if it only happens once? No, it’s not tragic, but it’s not ideal, right?

If you fall behind one week, it slips into two. Then, before you know it, it turns into three weeks. The next thing you know, it’s been a month or two and you’re way behind.

It’s time to pick up the pieces again and scramble.

I don’t want you to just start with a commitment that you’ll do content marketing every week from now on. Instead, I want you start with a plan that gets most of the thinking done first. Then, you’ll just follow the plan.

Your content plan will become your boss, and you’ll do whatever it says.

This is the same principle I use. At the start of the year, I mapped out my content plan for the next 12 months and now I follow exactly what it says.

This way, I know I can give you everything you need over the next 12 months and make sure you smash your business and nothing will fall through the cracks.

I don’t want to fall behind with my content, and I don’t want you to fall behind either.


3. Follow-up Failure

When you get writer’s block and you fall behind, two bad things can happen.

The first is internal. You experience guilt. You feel bad about yourself because you haven’t done everything you’ve needed to do.

The second is external. You fail to follow-up with your prospects. When your prospects aren’t hearing from you, they’re hearing from someone else.

When they’re finally ready to take action, then it’s “out of sight, out of mind”. They’ll hire the coach they’ve been listening to and receiving stuff from – not the coach they heard from one time six months ago and hasn’t followed up.

I had a client who, when he first signed on with me, said, “You know, I do great work, but it’s like nobody knows me. I’m almost invisible in my market.”

I don’t want that to be you.

So that’s the problem.

You get writer’s block, you fall behind, and your follow-up fails so you feel guilty and your prospects hear from somebody else. You become invisible.

Smashing Your Content Marketing

When you get it right, creating amazing content for your marketing looks totally different.

Instead of getting writer’s block, we want to create flow where you can really get in the moment.

I just found out I’m flying to Brazil later this year to speak at a coaching event. One of the guest speakers is Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of Flow.

It’s about getting into a state where you are completely engrossed – where things become effortless and you’re so deeply involved that you lose all track of time because you’re 100% immersed in the experience.

I want that to be your experience when creating your marketing. It just flows.

It’s not hard. It’s extremely smooth.

I also want you to have it wrapped up and packaged in advance so there’s no falling behind. We’re not just going to be on time, we’ll be early.

You’ll be like Wayne Gretzky – skating to where the puck is headed, not just where it is right now.

When you’re in advance, you’re in a place of leadership.

Instead of failing to follow up and becoming invisible in your marketplace, we create demand.

This creates the “I need you!” response from your prospects.

What’s the outcome of smashing your content marketing?

Instead of being invisible, you create a prospect pipeline – a pipeline of people that can say, “I’ve been getting stuff from you, I know what you’re about, and I know what you can do. I need help and I’m willing to wait in line to get your services.”

How Do You Do It?

I want to show you a simple game that will help you get your content marketing exactly right. It only has a couple of rules and moves and it’s really easy.

Remember the game, Twister, where there are colors and body parts?

This game is Content Twister. The colors are our hot buttons, and body parts our writing styles.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Leave a comment below.


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