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Your Authority Website

I want to show you a quick primer on what you need to do on your website to make sure that it’s great for building authority and converting leads.

One of the things I used to struggle with was having great clients with sucky websites. So we fixed it by building a website design template.

The First Elements Your Website Needs

The first thing your site needs is a picture of your lead magnet.

What To Do When Prospects Don’t Understand Your Coaching Program

How many words is a picture worth, again? I can’t seem to remember.

I honestly don’t know what’s more annoying: hearing that overused phrase one more time, or knowing I constantly need to be reminded of the wisdom in it.

We are all visual people — some of us more so than others, but the fact remains. We know how powerful pictures can be.

Why is it, then, that we become completely blind to this truth when developing our coaching models?

The Secret To Getting Coaching Prospects To Commit

There’s something you should know before you take another step forward with your marketing: Your prospects don’t give a damn about you or your business.

They don’t care who you are, what you’ve done, or how well your coaching business is going… at first, anyways.

When you first reach out to clients, they care about themselves and their problems. That’s it.

The only way we can hope to break through is to empathize with them and connect with their cravings so they feel like we see them better than anyone else in the world.

How To Become The Answer To Your Coaching Clients Needs

For a coaching model to be successful, it must meet the needs of four key stakeholders.

It must work for you, your prospects, your clients, and the coaching business as a whole. Without meeting the needs of all four, you’ll inevitably run into serious problems.

In the last post, we talked about meeting your needs before we take care of our prospects or clients.

Now we’ll take a look at meeting our prospects’ needs.

Why Your Coaching Business Model Is Broken

I’ve realized that nearly every business model is based on the idea of keeping four key stakeholders happy. This is where it all begins. For a model to work, it has to meet the needs of all four. Let me explain.

1. You

The first and most important stakeholder is you. Our goal is to build a business model that you love and gives you exactly what you need. It needs to give you the money,

How To Give Yourself A Promotion And Do What You Love

So many of the coaches I run into are stuck doing everything themselves, and I mean everything.

Coaching, selling, accounting, admin tasks — it all falls on their shoulders, both work they love and work they hate.

I don’t care who you are, nobody can do it all without the quality of their coaching, business, and personal life suffering dramatically.

There’s no secret way to do it all yourself and maintain a healthy coaching business and lifestyle.

Why You Should Stop Doing Everything in Your Coaching Business


There’s a good chance that right now you’re doing everything in your coaching business — all of it, by yourself. Work piles up and begins to bottleneck, and unfortunately, the bottleneck is you.

Besides coaching your clients, you have to learn, market, sell, and do the admin work, not to mention every other possible task that pops up. There’s probably an awful lot on your plate currently.

You’d love to give a few tasks to somebody else,

The 2 Biggest Factors for Building a Dynamite JV Partnership

I was recently talking with a friend about what I did for work, and a few minutes in we landed on the topic of joint venture relationships. He asked me what made my approach to JV’s so successful and different.

I thought about it for a second, and told him the two biggest factors that have made my JV partnerships successful.

Slow It Down

When most people approach a potential JV partner,

How to Boost Your Joint Venture’s Success

As an independent owner, you have a lot of control over your business. It’s probably one of the reasons you became a coach in the first place.

And if you’re anything like me, waiting isn’t your strong suit. It’s even more frustrating when you wait around people to do what they said but it never gets done.

Unfortunately we can’t control other people. That’s one of the scariest aspects of entering into joint ventures.

3 Things Every Coach Must Do For A Win-Win JV Partnership

Even though joint ventures have the potential to make your business explode with growth, a lot of coaches are uneasy about pursuing them. Usually, it’s because they lack the process.

I’ve written about the first two steps of this process, detailing how to identify potential JV partners and reach out to them. The next thing you know, you’re on a Skype call together.


True Mutuality

When it comes to having the conversation,