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There’s a good chance that right now you’re doing everything in your coaching business — all of it, by yourself. Work piles up and begins to bottleneck, and unfortunately, the bottleneck is you.

Besides coaching your clients, you have to learn, market, sell, and do the admin work, not to mention every other possible task that pops up. There’s probably an awful lot on your plate currently.

You’d love to give a few tasks to somebody else, but the problem is nothing is systemized, and because it’s not systemized, everything’s a bit messy. You do the mundane jobs when you want and forget about them when you don’t.

Also, when your tasks aren’t systemized, it’s hard to hand things over to somebody else.

The end result is that you get stuck with a lot on your plate that shouldn’t be there.

You get stuck doing things you hate.

Most of us are “people people” and we’d rather speak, coach, train, and inspire than live knee-deep in a spreadsheet. I know it’s not true of every coach, but we end up doing stuff we don’t enjoy or aren’t good at, so the results suffer.

This means we spend too much time doing the things we shouldn’t and not nearly enough time doing the things that are high value, high money, and high in fun.

The Activity Inventory

There’s a way to put a stop to this cycle that I call The Activity Inventory.

It changed my life and I’m so excited to share this because it’s going to dramatically help you transfer tasks from your to-do list to someone who is fully capable of handling it.

It’ll help you see what you should focus on and what to let go of.

Here’s what happens when you get this down: Instead of doing everything yourself, you only do your magic — the things you’re great at doing.

There’s part of your world that you’re extraordinary at. A set of skills and talents you’re gifted with that nobody else can do like you.

This makes the goal of offloading the tasks you hate really simple. Start doing your magic above anything else.

Instead of storing vital info in your head, this will let you clone yourself. You can duplicate everything you know how to do but don’t want to do anymore, and delegate it.

The trick is, you’ll empower someone to do these tasks because you’re not just saying, “Hey, take care of my stuff,” you’re giving them a system to follow.

Instead of being overwhelmed doing tasks on your own, you’ll be able to hand it off to ninjas to do the job according to your standards.

That’s the goal!


Be a 10!

The leadership guru, John Maxwell, has a saying about skill and ability that deeply resonates with me.

He said that you’ve got to do what you’re a 9 or 10 at doing. People will pay for you to be a 9 or 10, but no-one will pay you to be a 4.

If you think about your business, there are heaps of things you do every day, week, and month at which you are a4.

We want to get all the tasks that are 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, and 7’s taken care of so that you can gradually become an 8, 9, or 10 at everything you do.

When I first started this Activity Inventory process, my job was really simple. It was to systemize a tiny bit each week so that I’d get 30 minutes more free, every week.

When we start earning back two to four hours each week to focus on our magic, life gets really fun and our income goes way up.

So, ask yourself, “How do I get 30 more free minutes each week from now on?”

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.


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