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How to Keep Your Clients in Scope When Your Business Is Growing


It comes down to leadership and a big part of leadership in the coaching world comes down to framing. You can get away with anything if you frame it up right upfront.

It’s way easier to frame. Two drops of framing is way better than a ton of reframing after the horse has bolted.

So, here’s the good news. You’re in perfect place to do some framing.

So how do you turn it into more of a coaching program?

The VA Onramp™: How to Get Your VA up to Speed Fast

I want to share with you The VA Onramp™. It’s a system that we use to get virtual assistants up to speed quickly and onboard people well.

So, every month inside Black Belt, we have a theme around Attract, Convert, Deliver, or Scale.

September is a Scale month for us. And so, we’re working on the backstage of our business.

I just ran a webinar called “The Handler” about how to work with an assistant to help you make your weeks amazing.

The Tribal Council

At least once a year, my family and I go to the Philippines to meet up with our ninjas for at least 3 days.

We gather in a room where we talk about what’s currently working and what’s not. We plan, we strategise, and we make sure we’re having the perfect work:swim ratio. 🙂

Check out some behind-the-scenes action for making an awesome Tribal Council happen.

What awesome stuff do you do with your VAs?

How to Train Your Virtual Assistant, Matrix-style

Can you believe The Matrix was released almost 18 years ago? Most modern high school students weren’t even born when it first came out. Does that make you feel old, too?

In case you haven’t watched it in the past decade, here’s a quick recap of one of my favorite scenes.

Our main character, Neo, is ready to start his training. While flipping through futuristic looking floppy-disks, Tank the operator says to him,

How Often Should You Meet With Your Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant is supposed to make our lives easier, not harder. It’s supposed to free us up from the routine tasks we’re not very good at so we can focus on what’s really important, right?

Too often, though, coaches hire a VA when they’re at their busiest. It makes perfect sense. The moments when we’re drowning in the routine minutia of our business is when we need help the most.

The problem is,

The Very First Task Your Virtual Assistant Should Do For You

When we try to do everything in our business on our own, we end up overworked and exhausted. We spend so much time and energy on the mundane minutia that we rob ourselves of any opportunity to work on strategies that actually move our business forward.

When we’re constantly tired from doing the detail-oriented tasks we’re not naturally good at, the quality of our work tends to pay the price and we end up making stupid mistakes.

Why Your Virtual Assistant is Set Up to Fail

If you already have a virtual assistant, you probably have a decent understanding of what’s possible. The problem is, the possibility doesn’t always equal reality. Many of us get frustrated when our VA isn’t working out exactly as we hoped. I want to help you fix that right now.

But first, if you don’t currently have a virtual assistant, here’s what I know to be true:

You’re working really hard right now.

I’m surprised you even have time to read this blog.

How To Give Yourself A Promotion And Do What You Love

So many of the coaches I run into are stuck doing everything themselves, and I mean everything.

Coaching, selling, accounting, admin tasks — it all falls on their shoulders, both work they love and work they hate.

I don’t care who you are, nobody can do it all without the quality of their coaching, business, and personal life suffering dramatically.

There’s no secret way to do it all yourself and maintain a healthy coaching business and lifestyle.

Why You Should Stop Doing Everything in Your Coaching Business


There’s a good chance that right now you’re doing everything in your coaching business — all of it, by yourself. Work piles up and begins to bottleneck, and unfortunately, the bottleneck is you.

Besides coaching your clients, you have to learn, market, sell, and do the admin work, not to mention every other possible task that pops up. There’s probably an awful lot on your plate currently.

You’d love to give a few tasks to somebody else,