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If you already have a virtual assistant, you probably have a decent understanding of what’s possible. The problem is, the possibility doesn’t always equal reality. Many of us get frustrated when our VA isn’t working out exactly as we hoped. I want to help you fix that right now.

But first, if you don’t currently have a virtual assistant, here’s what I know to be true:

You’re working really hard right now.

I’m surprised you even have time to read this blog. You have too many jobs to do. You’re probably drowning in minutia and spending too much time on tasks that aren’t moving you forward. You’re overworked.

At the end of the week, you’re exhausted, but when you ask yourself, “What progress did I really make?” you’re left without a solid answer. We often hear that the best solution to free up more time is to hire a virtual assistant. If we only hire a VA, then all our problems will be solved, right?

I wish!

You’re so overworked that bringing in new people to help you isn’t exactly a smooth process. Without the proper onboarding, virtual assistants are destined to underperform. They mean well and they have the best of intentions, but when you don’t train them properly, they can’t deliver the quality of results you expect.

Hiring a VA isn’t turning out to be the quick fix you originally thought.

The truth is, it can take ages to get someone performing at a professional level. Sure, you can buy them the tools they need to get started — maybe a laptop, some software, a headset, etc. You may even set up their Skype account for them. That’s all great, but traditionally, it takes a long time to get virtual assistants to perform at the level you expect.

So, you’ve hired a VA but you’re still working too hard, they’re underperforming, and their progress is painfully slow. It’s frustrating, to say the least. What choice do you have other than to say, “Screw it. I’m just gonna do it myself.”

You’re not the first coach to go through this, but there’s a real danger here. If you have to do it yourself forever, you’ll get even more tired and start to see more and more mistakes.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a really bad DIY guy. I don’t spend my weekends scouring Pinterest for new projects to tackle around the house. I completely suck at that stuff and there’s a good chance it won’t get done well (or done at all) and I’ll be calling a repairman to come clean up my mess.

The same principle applies in the coaching business. You’re overworked, the VA’s underperforming, and it takes too long to get them up to speed so you resign yourself to doing jobs that you’re not good at. You end up with a giant mess on your hands.

Does this sound familiar?

That’s the bad news and it’s far too common among coaches, but it absolutely doesn’t have to be that way.

With the right VA onboarding process, three killer things happen.

First, we can free up one to three days each week and get some mental altitude. When we get it right, we’re able to rise above the day-to-day minutia and start thinking about the strategic aspects of our coaching business that actually move us forward.

Second, all the details will be taken care of by somebody with true skill. You can think of your VA as your personal concierge that’s ready to help you make things happen by handling small details.

Third, instead of it taking ages to get somebody new up to speed with your business, we can have a killer VA running things for you in just six weeks.

When these three things come together, the end result is that you get to focus only on the things you really rock at.

Grow to Pro

Over the next several posts we’ll look at exactly how to make this happen, but I understand if you’re skeptical. You may be thinking, “Taki, this sounds great, but I need a real professional right now and I can’t find that in a VA.”

I hear you, but I want you to understand that you don’t need to hire someone who’s a pro right from the start.

One of my virtual assistants, Queency, works with me from the Philippines. She does all sorts of stuff for us — she looks after our social media and Ontraport, builds sequences, tag databases, landing pages, and more. Before she started working with us, she and her husband ran a bakery.

Yes, a bakery — as in baking bread.

Before you move forward, understand you don’t need to hire a VA who’s already established and professional. You can easily get someone to become that professional VA you dream of having, really really fast.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share them below by leaving a comment.


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