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What are you currently using to convert prospects into clients?

Don’t worry, it’s not a trick question. Coaches typically use either one-on-one sales appointments, live events, or webinars to convert high-quality prospects into high-paying clients. Sometimes, we use a combination of all three.

Personally, I’ve been fortunate enough to have success with all three, but they’re definitely not created equal.

Selling 1:1

Selling with a one-on-one appointment is okay, but it’s often slow and messy. You have to deal with your prospects objections, excuses, and stalls… on the fly and in-person.

After spending an hour with one prospect — either on the phone or face-to-face — maybe you sign them, or maybe you don’t.

That can be incredibly frustrating. You’ve just wasted an hour in a sales meeting and god-knows how much time preparing for it, and you have nothing to show for it — for only one potential client.

Selling with Live Events

Live events can be amazing, but they’re also a pain in the neck! Don’t get me wrong — I love them and have had amazing success converting with them, but they’re hard and expensive.

Not too long ago, I was about to run an event in New York City. My main project manager had been out and someone else was filling in during the planning. Everything seemed to be running smoothly but just two days before the event, I got a call from the venue.

“Mr. Moore, I just wanted to go over the food and beverage requirements for your upcoming event.”

I said, “Dude, what food and beverage requirements? We don’t need any. There are tons of amazing restaurants right around the corner. That’s the main reason we picked this venue in the first place. What are you talking about?”

He responded, “Sorry sir, but you’re contractually bound to the $25,000 food and beverage minimum.”

Ouch, right?

That ‘small detail’ slipped right through the cracks with our substitute project manager and there was no getting around it. I wasn’t, what you might call, a “happy camper”.

Even apart from disasters like that, events take a lot of work. We have to book a venue, make hotel arrangements, set up the room, and hire audio/video professionals. The list of to-dos goes on and on.

Just like one-on-one sales, there’s incredible potential to convert but it takes a lot of effort, and there are no guarantees you’ll win over new clients. And I can’t imagine anything worse than dragging your stuff to the other side of the world to run an event where nobody shows up or buys your program.

Selling with Webinars

Have you ever been on a webinar where something went terribly wrong?

You’re delivering your best content and you suddenly realize you forgot to hit RECORD. Or, your virtual assistant who was supposed to record the webinar for you slept in?

Join the club!

Once I was running a webinar to one of my joint-venture partner’s list. As we got started, he went into this long, lavish introduction. He literally spent three or four minutes talking about how great I was and building me up to his list.

He was ramping it up, saying something like, “Now, all the way from Sydney, Australia, Mr. Taki Moore…” and suddenly, I heard what sounded like a spaceship landing outside my house.

Everything went dark.

It turns out my entire neighborhood had a power outage at the exact moment I was supposed to start giving the webinar. My laptop, the lights, internet connection — everything was out. I scrambled for my phone, called him up, and ran the whole webinar from my cell without slides. It actually worked out okay.

If you know anything about me or my business, you know I’m a huge fan of webinars but I’m well aware they’re not foolproof. You have to manage yourself, the audience, and the technology, and that can get a bit tangled if you’re not careful.

But, as frustrating as a technological glitch like that can be, these kinds of mishaps are rare and the potential up-side of webinars is completely amazing.

Instead of having to sell one-on-one — dealing with objections, excuses, and stalls on the fly — webinars are choreographed. Because you create the slides, everything you want to say, you say in your content.

Every objection, every belief, every alternative and every question can be handled in your content so when it comes time to make the offer at the end, there are no surprises.

Webinars are also extremely fast, averaging 60-70 minutes for a chance to sell to many prospects at once. Selling one-on-one costs you a minimum of 60 minutes for just one prospect. Live events can cost you several days, not including travel or prep time.

As I said earlier, I’ve experienced success with all three conversion tactics. I still run several events each year in Australia and the United States, and still take occasional one-on-one appointments. But when it looking for a conversion method that’s repeatable, scalable, and cost/time efficient, it’s tough to beat the power of selling with webinars.


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