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Over the last five posts, we’ve been talking about how to offer a free, one-on-one strategy session at the end of a webinar to book more sales appointments.

Most coaches know how difficult it is to sell high-priced coaching programs to new leads on a single webinar. If all we did was teach content for an hour and make a quick sales pitch at the end for an expensive program, we probably wouldn’t convert very well.

Instead, at the end of the webinar, we want to offer a simple, low-risk next step— a free, 10-minute, one-on-one strategy session that sets up the final sales appointment.

The first step, Seed the Need, is all about installing moments of influence in your webinar content that help make your session offer a no-brainer deal for prospects. Then we draw a model — a visual aid that shows prospects exactly how our program will bring them value.

After we show our prospects the model, we’ll use takeaway selling — being very clear about who our program is for and not for. This disqualifies bad-fit leads and builds desire in the prospects we’re after.

On the last post, we covered how to take the lead for our prospects and be the man (or ma’am) with the plan.

The last thing we do on the webinar is package up the strategy session.

Package The Offer

Be Clear

When it comes to packaging your offer, it’s really simple.

First, the offer needs to be incredibly clear.

Leo Burnett, one of the greatest ad men of the 20th century, once said that advertising says to people, “Here’s what I’ve got, here’s what it will do for you, and here’s how to get it.”

We’re going to borrow from that timeless wisdom. We’ll show them what we have by giving the strategy session a great name. We’ll show them what it will do for them by listing the benefits in bullet form. Then, we’ll show them how to get it with a clear call to action.

The second key to packaging the offer is to future pace.

We’ll walk them through what the strategy session looks like. Basically, we want them to know exactly what will happen moving forward.

“In the session, it might feel a bit like a friendly interrogation. I’ll ask you a bunch of questions to see if and how I can help you.”

Finally, we’ll give a crystal clear call to action for the strategy session.

Make sure not to save your call to action slide for the very end. Introduce it before your Q&A. The entire time you’re answering questions people will be looking at your CTA slide.

Of course, you can always navigate to a different slide in the webinar to answer a question but always return to the CTA. We want to make it perfectly clear that this is the next step we expect qualified leads to take.

Get Creative

On his very first webinar, one of our Black Belt members, Tristan, offered a free bundled deal. He bundled his strategy session with a PDF and mp3, creating a nice, juicy, three-dimensional offer that filled up his calendar with sales appointments.

When packaging up your offer, you should feel free to be creative. Give your session a sexy name that pops. Make the benefits exciting, or bundle your session with other low-risk, high-value goodies for your prospects they can’t resist.

How will you package your call to action? Share below by leaving a comment.


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