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I’m here at the Million Dollar Coach Intensive in London.

I have just been given a topic to talk about: “How to not work so hard in your coaching business”

I have this theory that working hard is a little bit overrated. There’s a thing going on right now that we should hustle.

You’ve probably seen a bunch of people or a bunch of gurus talking about how important hustle is. And frankly, I think hustle is overrated.

You can build an incoming hustle but you can’t build a life. I want a business model that is much more scalable.

The secret I’ve found is an intermittent hustle. What does that mean? It means we’re gonna sprint, then we’re gonna relax, we’re gonna sprint, then we’re gonna relax.

Intermittent Hustle

We’re going to take a project and work hard for let’s say 90 days. Or if we work on a work day, we can do 50 minutes of work then a 10-minute break.

Intermittent hustle is good because it’s got a start and it’s also got an end. If all you’re doing is hustling all the time, you’re gonna burn out really really quickly.

Work in a Sprint

So here’s my top tip of the day, when you work, work in a sprint. If you’ve got a project, make sure it’s got a start and an end.

When it’s done, celebrate. Have a break then come back to this thing afterward.

If you’re working a day, make sure have two 50-minutes sprints is enough for any good work day. Nobody wants to work for 2 hours.

I wanna know your number 1 productivity tip for not working too hard. Leave us a comment below.



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