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Why You Should Stop Doing Everything in Your Coaching Business


There’s a good chance that right now you’re doing everything in your coaching business — all of it, by yourself. Work piles up and begins to bottleneck, and unfortunately, the bottleneck is you.

Besides coaching your clients, you have to learn, market, sell, and do the admin work, not to mention every other possible task that pops up. There’s probably an awful lot on your plate currently.

You’d love to give a few tasks to somebody else,

The Coaches’ Guide to Finding the Perfect JV Partners

There’s a reason some of the greatest marketers in the world think of joint venture relationships as the #1 most effective marketing strategy.

Someone else has spent tons of time and money building trust with a list of clients and prospects. Joint ventures make it possible for us to access their list, tap into the trust, and sell our coaching services.

As with most brilliant marketing strategies, it’s not always the easiest thing to pull off.

How To Build a Powerful Marketing Automation System For Your Coaching Business

When coaches decide to move from manual marketing to automated marketing, they usually run into three big roadblocks.

First, their marketing tactics may not be effective, and there’s no point in automating a strategy that simply doesn’t work.

The second block is a lack of time. Even if they have marketing tactics that work, they struggle to find the time to plan out an automation strategy.

The third block is lack of a system.