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When coaches decide to move from manual marketing to automated marketing, they usually run into three big roadblocks.

First, their marketing tactics may not be effective, and there’s no point in automating a strategy that simply doesn’t work.

The second block is a lack of time. Even if they have marketing tactics that work, they struggle to find the time to plan out an automation strategy.

The third block is lack of a system. Let’s say they actually had some time and a strategy that worked but don’t have a clue how to build an automated system.

Where do you begin when choosing the right software and tools?

In recent posts, I covered how to handle the problems of tactics and time. Now we’ll look how to build your automation system.

It requires you to work harder than if you were just creating one marketing piece, but only about 5% harder.

Work Hard Once

The first principle of building the system is to work hard once. If you’ve hung around me at all you know that I’m fairly lazy. But, there’s one time in particular when I’m super willing to work hard.

I’m willing to work hard one time. I’m willing to work hard once if the system I’m building will run forever.

I ran a webinar series called the 28-Day Lead Blitz… while I was traveling the world on vacation. The timing of it all probably didn’t make a lot of sense on paper. I was with my wife and we were doing all sorts of cool stuff, but I dedicated myself to doing this webinar series once a week.

Why would I do that in the middle of my vacation?

I knew that when I got back to Sydney, even though the 28-Day Lead Blitz would be finished, people would be walking through that program forever. I worked hard, one day a week, and built a program that would continue to be useful for years to come.

Use the four-hour block of time you’ve set aside for marketing to assemble the Monthly Marketing Project. I give to my clients and then use it forever.

Work hard once instead of having to work hard every single week.

Build The Tools

Next, we need to build the tools.

First, take the templates I give you in the Monthly Marketing Projects and customize them for yourself. That’s all you have to do with my stuff.

You never have to look at a blank page and wonder, “What am I going to do?”

Take your worksheets, fill them out, and you’ve got the outline you need. Then it’s just a matter of customizing, tweaking, and polishing them up a little bit.

If you get stuck, you can just jump on a live coaching call with me. That’s why I do live coaching calls in the first place – so I can help you polish up the stuff you’ve learned in the live training.

You’re going to build the tools. Take the template, fill in the worksheet, and then if you want help from me, ask me on a live call.

Automate The System

So, how do you automate?

You really have a few options here. None are better than the others, and in my business, we use all three methods.

The first method is automating using templates. They’re found in the Monthly Marketing Projects I give you. Take the worksheets for example – The 7-Minute Sales Letter, The Website Conversion Kit, etc. They are all templates you can just use to build your system.

The second thing you can do is you can automate with the team. Specifically, you can do this with an assistant or a virtual assistant. You can hire loyal, hard-working, and smart staff at really low cost.

The third thing (which is going to give you the most grunt long-term) is automation through technology. Personally, I use Office AutoPilot/ONTRAPORT.

As I said earlier, no method is ‘better’ than any other, but you’ll get the most power when you introduce technology.

Remember, the three reasons coaches don’t automate their marketing are:

  • No Tactics
  • No Time
  • No System

Now that we’ve sorted it out, I want you to reflect.

What’s been the cost of not automating your marketing?

What have you lost in time? In stress? In money and opportunity?

What could you have done if you’d handled this already?

What’s been the cost, and are you ready to step up?

If you were standing in front of me right now, I’d look you directly in the eyes and ask, “Are you ready to step up?”

What would your answer be?

Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.


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