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Building Authority: Book vs Podcast

I just got a question from a client called Steve, who said, “Thinking about starting a podcast and also considering writing a book, what do you think is the best tactic for building authority and growing my list?”

Really good question. I think what’s interesting is that building authority and growing your list aren’t necessarily one thing.

I tend to think of them as two parts of a three-step equation.


How to Stop Your Leads from Slipping Through the Cracks


I’ve got a question here from Jason. He’s asking about how to make sure that the leads that he’s generating don’t slip through the cracks.

One of the quick wins that we use that typically generates a flood of leads really quickly in like a, a three to nine hour period. It’s not unusual to get hundreds of responses.

It’s something we do by email, something we do on an organic Facebook post and we often use it in a Facebook group.

The 2 Reasons Why Prospects Don’t Buy Your Coaching

Thousands of studies have been conducted on consumer purchasing behavior. You can find hundreds of books on the subject of why people buy, why people don’t buy, and why people fail to make a decision at all.

The findings are really interesting, but if you want a detailed summary, go look for it somewhere else.

When you boil it all down to its essence, there are really only two reasons people don’t make a purchasing decision.

How To Build a Powerful Marketing Automation System For Your Coaching Business

When coaches decide to move from manual marketing to automated marketing, they usually run into three big roadblocks.

First, their marketing tactics may not be effective, and there’s no point in automating a strategy that simply doesn’t work.

The second block is a lack of time. Even if they have marketing tactics that work, they struggle to find the time to plan out an automation strategy.

The third block is lack of a system.

3 Challenges That Stop Coaches From Automating Their Marketing

It’s time to make the shift from manual marketing to automated marketing.

The concept is simple.

You can either market manually and work at it constantly by yourself. This requires setting reminders to keep you diligent every single week to keep you on track.

Or, you can build a system to do it for you.

Are You A Hunter or A Builder?

Marketing Tip For Marketing or Coaching Business

I’m going to give you a marketing tip — what we can learn about marketing or coaching business from the ancient Roman Empire.

That’s right, stay tuned.

It’s a long week four of the five-week holiday with our family.  Right now, just taken a tour of Pompeii, and saw a bunch of bodies being vulcanized, I think that’s the right word, getting hit by the ashes and the dust and the lava,

How To Market By DISC Profile

I want to show you a little secret that one of my clients used to get six hundred thousand dollars in new clients in three days, with one little trick to attract only the right clients and repel everybody who wasn’t a fit.


The Way to Attract Right Clients

I want to give you a quick tip about how to attract the right client and repel the wrong client.

Here’s what happened.