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I’ve got a question here from Jason. He’s asking about how to make sure that the leads that he’s generating don’t slip through the cracks.

One of the quick wins that we use that typically generates a flood of leads really quickly in like a, a three to nine hour period. It’s not unusual to get hundreds of responses.

It’s something we do by email, something we do on an organic Facebook post and we often use it in a Facebook group. You’d be on one of those as well.

“He says, “I just sent out this message. The subject line was “2019”. Then the message was “Would you like to work with me in 2019?” Already crazy responses back, call me crazy. I have a really hard time managing all of the inbound flow at once. I’m sure it’s just my crappy system…

“Here’s what happens. I send an email and it explodes. First, I get some people who aren’t ideal clients responding. Second, ideal clients respond and get lost because I manage hundreds of other tasks. I missed their replies…”

“I just want this thing to run smoothly. I think it’s the main reason why I’m not growing as fast as I want to. Currently, I’m the only follow-up and the only sales guy that needs to change. I’ve just hired a VA, but I can’t train them to manage responsible and I don’t feel like I’m doing a good job for myself…”

“I close like a boss but it gets slowed down and all the communication like this help me out. Who’s managing this like a boss that I need to talk to?”

Super common.

When you use any of the quickened strategies, it’s not unusual to get smashed with 50 or 100 or 500 replies and you’ve got to sort through really quickly and triage who’s good and who’s not. And chat is our preferred tool.

So whether it’s email or Facebook Messenger or it’s chats in a group, it’s really important that you handle them really well.

So I want to give you three tips right now for doing this really well.


Managing chat leads

The first thing that you want to look at is platform. The second thing you want to look at is flow. And the third thing that you want to be really good at is phrases.



Whether it’s email, or it’s Facebook messages to a bot, or it’s in a group, you want to have a platform that lets you manage the leads really well.

Frankly, if you’re using Gmail or your normal Facebook Messenger inbox, you’re probably struggling because they’re not built for managing this sort of thing.

What you want is some kind of inbox that lets you tag or label people, as well as reply, as well as snooze.

By snooze, I mean, have someone send something and wait three days and then nudge them if you need to.

So for some of these methods, we use a tool called Intercom, but you could also use any kind of help desk system that doesn’t obviously look like a help desk.

In other words, Freshdesk is good or Help Scout. I’ve heard about another tool called Front. I don’t use it, but I’ve just had a quick look at it. And so far it looks like it might be able to do the job as well.

So what you want is a platform that will allow you to tag someone as a hot lead so you don’t lose them a reply to them and then make sure that you’re able to check in, in your 24 to 48, 72 hours. Sophisticated platform.

If you’re doing it in your email inbox, that’s probably one of the main reasons you’re struggling.



You need to be like a chess master with this stuff and know your end result. You know, a happy client pays you money. But before that, what’s your process? Maybe there’s a call. And so in our world, it goes like this…

You only have a call and we have a couple of steps that we follow to get somebody to that process.

By the way, this is a little bit of an overview of one of the pieces of how we manage inbound leads. Turn them into clients, part of our appointment funnel process or one of the iterations.

So in terms of flow, let me give you a bit of a sample right now. Chat flow will look something like this…

Somebody will reply and usually, the first question we ask is pretty simple. Like, “Would you like to work with me in 2019?” is a great example.

It’s like when you get into an Uber, the first question you often ask the drivers like “How long have you been uber-ing?”.

It’s a really simple, easy to answer a question that just starts a conversation. So it’s job really is to get a reply. Then what we want to do is start to get a problem.

So for us it might be…

“What kind of clients do you work with?”

“Do you work with a mostly one on one or in groups?”

Then we want to find out about the gap, which is a year.

“What’s your monthly income at right now and where would you like it to be?”

“How many clients you have in? How many would you like?”

“What do you need most right now?”

“Would you like some help?”

Then we can invite them to a call.

This is like four or five quick, backwards and forwards, which on Facebook Messenger will usually take place over 5 minutes.

So what you need is a flow. You need a clear path to take someone from where they are to where you want them to be.



One of the things that’s going to make this easy and not so overwhelming is just to have each of these questions already copied and paste into a system where when somebody answers the first one, you can say…

“What kind of clients you coach?”

I work with accountants.

“That sounds interesting. Do you work with mostly one on one or in groups?”

In other words, they’re canned replies that you can tweak. And if you do those three things, you know, you have a platform that is easy to manage and then you have a flow.

In other words, the conversation is going to look like this and then you have each of your phrases kind of ready to go.

This little chat campaign is a core piece of our marketing and sales philosophy. You might’ve heard me talk about this thing called “Go dig, sit and spike.”

Dig is generated lead. Set is to warm them up, ready the buyer qualification piece, which this is part of. Spike is the sales call.

It’s really a big part of how we move people from curious to committed.

You need a tool, a platform that you can manage people with. Secondly, you need an idea of the flow, like where are you taking people and then finally, you need saved replies that you can manage the process through.

If you want to know how to do this well, they’re all in my book, Million Dollar Coach. If you’d like to get a copy, you can download it here.

It’ll walk you through this campaign and a bunch of others about how to grow your online coaching business.

I hope that’s been useful for you today. Take good care and I’ll talk to you soon.


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