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How often do you email your database? – Weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or what.

What do you send when you actually send these emails out to people?

I want to tell you the biggest mistake that I see coaches make all the time when it comes to marketing an event.
Before you send any event promo whether it’s a webinar or a workshop, there are three things you need to have in place. So I want to give you those three to make sure you got them all locked down.

How do you segment your list to make sure that you send in the right message just to the right people and getting the maximum response rate?

That’s what you’ve got to look forward to in today’s issue of Coach Marketing Machine News.

How Often Is Enough For Email Marketing?

So this week in The Dojo, I got asked a question a couple of times by coaches wanting to know:

“How often should the email they list that haven’t been emailing for a long time?”.

The simple answer is this: Way more often than you think!

Weekly would be an ideal.

Fortnightly if you’re not ready to commit.

But weekly or fortnightly certainly nothing less.

What Should I Send To My Coaching Prospects?

So when it comes to emailing your list,…

what should you be sending?

what should be in the emails?

what should the topics be?

Really simple: I want you to draw up a spreadsheet. Along the top just write your hot buttons – the main issues that you help people with – sales, marketing, customer service, whatever.

The other side some different writing styles:
a Q & A,  a How To,  a Rant, a Story/Lesson/ Offer winners or losers or a case study.

And all I want you to do when you plan out your content is pick one thing from the top and one different writing style – put them together and that’s what to talk about this week.

Map out thirteen of those and you’ve got a whole quarter’s worth of content planned out in front of you.

Flyer Critique – When Your Marketing Isn’t Up For The Job

So I had a coach asked me to critique a flyer he’d put together to promote a $2000 dollar 2-day course.

It was one A4 page – like a one single sheet paper – designed to sell 2 grand.

To be honest, the tool is not up for the job.

The biggest marketing mistake I see coaches make all the time is to have a little marketing tool expected to perform some miracles – it’s not realistic.

Make sure every step in your sales process only attempts to sell whether it’s actually got a reasonable chance to sell.

So one step at a time.

In this case, we changed this flyer to promote the webinar that sells the event.

Does that make sense?

Three Things To Do Before Your Live Coaching Event

If you’re running a live event before you hit send on any promotional material, there are three things that you want to have in place:

Your event promise. How are people going to walk in, how they’re going to walk out – what’s the transformation? (i.e. walk-in fat, walk out thin; walk in with no clients, walk out with a plan to get five clients in eleven days.) What’s your event promise?

You need a sales page in place. The one page where all your marketing sends people to where they can read, find out about the content, and then click to register.

You need your promotional emails designed to get people to that page.

To recap Event promise, sales page, promo emails and you good to go.

And as the wind picks up number 5:

Segment for Great Results!

Coaches asked me: “How do I segment my database so I can send the right message just to right people and never get it wrong?”

Really simple!

There are 4 groups of people you want to have and imagine some rings kind of cascading out.

The inner circle, the inner ring is your clients. If you see this, there’s a certain message you’re going to send to your clients.

The next group of people who have been exposed to through your conversion tools. So it would be the common had one on one sales appointment tool or attended your live seminar or been in your webinar. But I’ve actually attended. They could expose. People who have registered for those things but never showed up. You get that right?

The untapped market – the people who haven’t registered for your conversion tool yet. You can send different messages to each of those four groups to get the maximum results.

Do that this week and you’ll do really well. I hope you have a great week, and I hope you get lots of clients.

Share your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.


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