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I just want to clear up a whole bunch of myths about all of the different ways there are to market your coaching business and generate leads.

The truth is there’s no hundred of ways, there’s only three. So I’m going to talk about each of the three and help you pick one.


I was on a Coaching call with my Black Belt clients the other day and the question came up about, “There’s just so many different ways I can grow my business, which one should I pick?”

If you can look at it carefully, there are really three ways to grow your business:

  1. Free
  2. Paid
  3. Partnership


The truth is, to grow your coaching business you don’t need 50 different strategies running. You need one that works. Some people would tell you that 1 is a dangerous number because what happens if that stops working? Yeah true.

But show me your coach who’s got a successful business and I guarantee you, there’s one lead generation ready which generates 90% of their traffic, 90% of their leads, 90% of their promise which comes from focusing on one thing.

What did I say? FOCUS.

F – Follow
O – One
C – Course
U – Until
S – Successful

Here’s what I know about growing a coaching business.

If you’re doing a 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 10, you’ve got to be locked at 10 by 10 strategy. Some people talk about why they generate leads for your coaching business. You’re doing wrong because I can guarantee you right now, you’re not doing any of them enough times and improving enough times to get really, really good.

One of the things we do in Black Belt is:

  • We pick one traffic source that can generate all the leads you need, can easily scale.
  • We can have one customer base, one target market.
  • We want to work with one product that we really want to sell that we can look a prospect in the
    eye and know that this is going to help them and get the results thereafter.
  • We have one conversion tool whether it’s a webinar or a one-on-one or a live event.

One of those three, one traffic source which we are going to talk today. That can scale and we do those four things for one year. We’re shopping and shopping, and shopping, until we’ve got a marketing and conversion system that is just epic in terms of, you build a kind a juggernaut. That can drive your leads, convert them into clients and have you rocking without having to be everything to work with everybody.
So let’s get back to our topic about our 3 different ways to generate leads.


There’s free. If you look at this video right now, it’s free. This is authority marketing. One of the course strategies that we run in our business is, useful content regularly on the blog syndicated on a certain way that has this website be the hub and the content is
then promoted through a whole bunch of the high traffic sites across the web to bring you back here. So this is free.


Second is paid. Let’s just be simple about it and we call paid because it’s usually, Google, it’s LinkedIn, or it’s Facebook and they are your options on the paid.

What I loved about paid is that it’s so quick. Right? Sure you’ve got to spend some money. Free is free but you’ve got to invest some time so that’s not really free if your time is viable (and it is).

Paid is brilliant because literally you can write an ad today, have it approved tonight and tomorrow morning be generating leads instantly. It’s so measurable, it’s brilliant.


Joint venturing or partnering up with other people who have the same kind of clients as you and having you promote to their list. It’s really funny. In my journey, I was a huge partnership guy in my first 4 years. We have authority marketing (what we are doing right now) but we also a ton of paid
traffic. Paid is my #1 lead generation source and this free marketing that you’re on right now is more about how do you come back regularly to the site to take the next step actions on the side of the site right here. That makes sense?

Time To Pick…

So which one should you pick?

Well if you’ve got a little bit of cash and market is clearly defined, “Paid” is the best practice now because it’s instant, you can grow your list really quickly and it’s infinitely testable. If you don’t want to be doing that then “Free”. What I’m doing right now is brilliant. It’s a little bit of a solid burn but it builds an incredible momentum.

Thirdly, if you’re annual connecter then partnership might be for you. Does that make sense?

Free or Paid or Partnership – probably not all three.

Here’s your homework.

I want you to pick one out of the three, leave me a comment below. Tell me which one you’re going to do and why.

Any questions you’ve got about partnership marketing put them down there as well.


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