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How do you leverage a coaching business when your clients and prospects only want to work with you?

Let’s tackle that, answer it, set you free, right now.

I was in the Million Dollar Coach Intensive in Los Angeles, and the woman sitting right there in the front row who said, “You’re talking about leveraging your coaching business and running groups but people want to work with me.” In fact, we were even talking about sending emails and having her team help out with some of the email marketing and she said “no” but people only want to hear from me.

So this came up twice from the same woman on the front row, it’s a brilliant question. I want to answer it for you right now because it’s a really dangerous start. If that’s true, if I only want to deal with you then you’ve just trapped yourself. Having you, you’ve allowed them to go. You know what? The only way I can get value from you as a person is to work with you one on one in a one hour slot every week, or every two weeks or whatever
your model is.

It’s unscalable. The truth is, right now if they are saying, how much phase time do I get with you. The only reason they are doing that is because we’ve trained them to. Right?

Prospects, nobody wakes up saying, “I really want to spend an hour a week with someone to help me with my business.” No, no, no. They don’t care about the logistics, they want the outcome. And if they’ve heard your content or they’ve had anything to with you, maybe they are attached to getting the outcome with your help. They’re certainly not attached to how that is delivered, right?

So the truth is this: We trained our clients in what to want and what to expect. And right now if they expect time with you and they’re asking how much time do I get with you, it’s because it’s an issue in your head first and we haven’t given them anything else to look for.

One of my great clients, George Bermbach over in Seattle, have this problem (had the exact same problem). 200 clients, half and an hour session once every two weeks but you know dude, 200 sessions that are like 400 coaching sessions a month working with clients. The only and he wanted to do something leveraged but a little bit worried about that then I realized they only want the one-on-one with me because I’ve trained them to want it.

So what do we do?

Well, we build a new more leveraged model, and he re-trained his clients and 80-90% of them switched to the new model at the same price and the deal was, how do we give them, even more, value with 1/10th the phase time.

By the way, there’s an interview with George somewhere in the sidebar. You know an interview with George about how we’ve got 26 weeks off a year and made an extra 120 grand on his very first webinar. So check it out.

The Big Lesson…

You train your clients and your prospects about what to want. And if you realized you’ve been successful up to a point at training them one way, and now you realized but that’s got me to here but to get there things to change then we need to:

1. Firstly, decide what you really want.
2. Secondly, start retraining your existing clients and definitely training new clients.

Re-train your clients and set yourself up with the business that gives you a ton of free time, much more income, and a chance to make a much bigger difference both in depth and in breadth with more people and a deeper impact.

Any question you’ve got around, how do I do it, how do I scale, how do I reposition clients, leave me a comment below, love them to answer for you down there. Let’s continue the conversation down below in the comment box.


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