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I don’t know how your business is doing right now, whether you’re absolutely smashing it or you’d had a tough month or somewhere in between.

I want to let you know that 60 days is all you need to go from where you are too, you know, 20 or 30 or 40 thousand dollars a month more than where you are at right now.

So, a little while ago I got a message on Facebook from a client – in fact, a pretty new client. When he first got started with me, things were going well but he had 2 or 3 pieces of big bad news, you know like big tax bills that hit him that he wasn’t expecting; a couple of clients had finished up their program with him in it.

Honestly, it caught him in a bad space. Bleeding money, $5,000 a month below breakeven and really hurting and in a bit of a tailspin, you know what happens, right? This coaching, I mean if you’re not a 100% focused, it could be tricky. You got to have your head right and your business will follow. So he’s a bit of a tailspin and he reached out. In fact, he fulfilled one of the three “Quicks” that we have in Black Belt. You know when people join, the very first thing we do is we’ll say “You know there are 3 rules/ 3 things that you need to follow. If you do these 3 things, I guarantee you we are going to smash this together.”

The Three “Quicks”

  1. You got to be quick to implement. We got a 48-hour rule – from here, the idea for me and decide you’re going to do it, to having it done in the world out there – 48 hrs.
  2. Be quick to share. What’s working? When it goes well? The wins and the lessons if it doesn’t.
  3. Be quick to ask for help.

It would kill me that, you know three or four months down the line somebody had been stuck for a while and just never reached out and not said anything. So this guy reached out and he kind of did number 2 “Be quick to ask for help” and he told me about his situation and we booked him in for a Sherp. Now, Sherp is a one on one session with the Black Belt Sherpa who is a client of mine for 3 years now, coached with me, and helps clients to make big things happen fast. Anyway, I put the guys in touch and they started to do their work together.

About four weeks later I got a message. Maybe five weeks later, I get a message. I’ve been talking with the Sherpa and then got another message from this client. And I’ve noticed that things were different because he started posting photos in Facebook – not in our group but kind of publicly, about he just bought a new motorbike and he’s taking the family on holidays and a new car and all this sort of things so I was like dude four, five weeks ago you were in trouble and now you’re buying a motorbike, what’s going on?

Here was the message.

Through his work with the Sherpa, he quickly turned things around and went from 5 grand in the whole each month, 5grand below breakeven to 30-40 thousand dollars a month profit. It paid off his tax and bought a motorbike and taking his family overseas on a holiday.

Why would I tell you all that?

Well, totally not to break. Here’s the one lesson – that he’s got out of this, that the Sherpa passed on to me, and I wanted to pass on to you. In this business, in the coaching business, 60 days is a really long time. So I don’t know what your week’s been like. This week we’ve had great things happened or bad things happened. I just want to let you know a little word of encouragement.

A Word Of Encouragement

60 days is a long time in this business so, if it’s tough right now get your head right, get focused or get some help if you want to but most important just know that 60 days you know you can go from in the pit to doing really, really well, really fast, okay? No strategy this week but I just want you to be encouraged and let you know that things can turn around super, super quickly.

Just know, you’re 60 days away from the big breakthrough.

If you have any questions for me about how to turn things around or a time when things turned around quickly for you or for a client, leave me a comment below. Let me help you down there. Let’s continue the conversation in the comments.


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