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A new client asked me a question inside the Black Belt Facebook group the other day and he said, “I send a promotion to a cold list offering a one-on-one session with me. I had I think it was like a dozen or half a dozen of people clicked the link to check out the session but nobody went ahead and actually scheduled the consultation with them. What did I do wrong?”

Two Things

You know what? In this case, it’s really really simple, very straightforward. If I’m talking to a cold list, the offer I’ve come and talk to me and I’ll be there to help you out. Sounds good to us but to them, it feels risky. In fact, when somebody responds to your offer or doesn’t come down to two things if you imagine like a seesaw.

1. It’s the amount of risk they perceived versus;

2. The amount of reward they perceived

So in this case, we see, heaps of reward now come and talk to me. I’ll ask you a bunch of questions about you and the situation, I’ll give you some great advice, what you buy from me and now it’s going to be really valuable. We see a reward. What do they see? They see a risk.

The risk they see is, come and spend time with somebody who’s only possible motivation for giving like free time with him or her, is to extract money from my wallet. Right?

Say having a “come and talk to me” offer as the very first point of call for a cold list is a massive mistake and I see coaches do it all the time. In fact, on your website, if there’s a “Book in a Free Coaching Call with Me” button, we’re doing it all wrong.

First Offer For A Cold List

The very first offer we make for a cold list has got to be zero risks, all reward.

So let’s talk about the zero risk. Zero risk means they don’t have to talk to you.

Let’s talk about all the reward.

What do most people really want?

When they’ve got a problem that they want a help with or the goal they want to reach and they can’t get there, as quickly as they can without you.

So we want to give them something to help, fix their problem, will get their goal without having to talk to you.

What’s that?

Well, it’s:

  • Problem
  • Solving
  • Information

The most perfect offer that you make on your website or to a brand new cold prospect is free information about how to solve their problems without having to talk to you.

If you check out the site here at there’s a whole bunch of next step, this case, that is about how to leverage coaching business. There’s a 27 point webinar marketing checklist if you’re starting in getting to the webinar game. There’s a free 4-part video course about how to attract and convert and deliver like a Million Dollar Coach. Right?

It’s free information and there’s a webinar, right, if you want to learn with me live a little bit. All of those are high reward, low risk, easy way for you to get free information about how to solve the problem you’ve got around how to get more leads, how to convert clients and how to deliver a leveraged coaching program. Does that make sense?

So an answer to the question.

If they haven’t responded, the first thing to check out is the seesaw. How much was the perceived risk versus reward?

I guarantee if they didn’t respond whether you think so at the market selling it was like that and we want it like this.

What’s been the best offer that you’ve made to your database whether it’s been via email or from a stage or anything like that?

What’s been the best offer that’s got you leads, prospects, clients? Love to know. Let’s continue the conversation to comments.


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