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What I want to do is tell you about how to get more sales, more conversions for your coaching business. We’re actually focusing on, not conversion, but something completely different. It starts with C.

A couple of videos ago, I told you about this strategy that we use called dig, set, spike.

A dig is marketing generate the lead.

A set is the warm-up piece that gets people ready to buy. It’s like the qualification piece.

spike is where the sale is made.

Now here’s the thing…

A lot of marketers will tell you to build fancy sales pages to build sales pages and elaborate bot sequences or auto-responder sequences that are big funnels. And all of that is because they’re focused on conversion.

Nothing wrong with those things, but we’ve found a really killer strategy in line with the idea of giving in public and asking in private.

Instead of optimising for conversions, we optimise for conversations. What that means, is anytime we post a video on Facebook or we send an email, what we’re really looking for isn’t somebody to click a link and go buy something.

What we’re really looking for is somebody to reply and start the conversation because conversions happen in conversations. So our whole goal is to have somebody talk to us.

When we’re in a conversation with somebody, we can quickly work out if this is somebody we can help or not. And if the answer is not, then it’s really easy to kind of hop off the chat. No hard feelings, no harm done.

If somehow it feels like it is someone we can help, then we can tell them a little bit about what we’re doing and if it looks like a good match, they can jump onboard.

But here’s what we found by doing a lot of generous good content… (Remember that rule is to get in public).

We built a ton of goodwill, really good relationship. And then when we asked you probably say, “Hey, we’re doing this thing, would you like to join us?” They say, tell us all about it.

We give them the details and they either join us or they don’t. But by focusing on conversations, conversions have gone up as well as a relationship with our audience.

Honestly, this has been a game changer for us. It’s allowed us to add about a million dollars in new revenue per quarter of new clients every 90 days since we started doing it about five years ago.

Super excited about it and I think it might be useful for you as well. At least something to experiment with.

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Hope that’s been helpful.

Taki Moore, out.


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