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Ed asks, “I’ve got a client who’s dominating a group coaching call. They spent ages and ages and ages going on and on and on about their problem, and it’s hard to redirect them. And secondly, when he does finish —fix their problem and solve their issue, they go, ‘Oh Ed, one more thing…’ So, what do you do about that?”

Call control, isn’t it? 

I’m just going to lay down straight.

You’re the boss and you’re the leader. They’ll follow you. And so, the most important thing is to lay down call control. Here are some tips:


Type questions in

Number one, have them type their questions in rather than just unmute somebody and let them go wild and have them come off mute and go,

“Hey, Bob’s got a question about this and that and that. Bob, is that right?”



So, that’s first. Have them type the questions in and that way you don’t need a bunch of explanations. You can start with, “Hey Bob, I read your thing. I totally understand it. Here’s what it sounds like to me.”



One question per person at a time

Number two, one question per person at a time then go to the next person.

If they want to ask a second question, “Totally love to help. There are 8 other people who’ve got their questions, too. So, let’s do this. And if we got time at the end, I’d love to come back and look around and do your second. Cool?”

Nobody needs two questions answered, let’s be honest.


Make the repeat offenders go last

I feel a bit mean saying this, but this is how I would do it. If you’ve got a repeat offender, make them go last and leave their questions to the end. It doesn’t just frustrate you, but it frustrates every other member who’s like, “Come on, dude. I just want to do my thing. Do I get a turn? Why is this person hogging it?” So, you’re doing them a disservice. I’d just make them go last.

If it happens again and again and again, if they do it, “Hey man, you’re doing this a lot. There are other people who need a hand. And if this happens again, I’m going to have to pop you to the back of the queue.”

Give them a warning. If it happens, if they keep going at it, 100% answer the question last. And when the time’s done, time’s done.

Add a time limit to what questions can be and do it. From the start, have a structure, have a time limit to the questions. And then you can call them on it, ”Hey, 2 minutes out. Have we got the answer?”

In our Boardroom, people have a mastermind, and we set a timer, I stick it on our iPad and show them it’s green, and do a countdown.

The clock’s the boss. “Here to help. We can get a ton down in 5 minutes, but let’s not beat around the bush. You got 60 seconds max to tell me what the issue is, and then we’ll get to fix and —the 1-minute mark, what’s been most helpful? 

In this week’s #AskTaki, hope it’s been useful. It’s Taki Moore, out.


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