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We got a question from Domonique. She said, “What’s a better lead magnet? A transcription from a webinar turned into an easy to read e-book or a short PDF? Which one gets more opt-ins? Love to hear your words of wisdom.”

Let’s cover some of the basics right now.

The secret is that it doesn’t really matter. Both can work just as well as the other.

For a lead magnet, it’s the front cover that matters the most. That’s what’s going to catch the eye and collect the email address, phone number, or whatever.

If the content behind that cover is good then that’s a bonus.

But if you’re not making the benefit as simple as possible right from the start, people aren’t going to see that content.

You don’t want your front cover to look like the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

It’s got to be short, sweet, and make the problem you’re going to solve super obvious to the reader.

And you have to make sure they know they’re getting to the useful stuff straight away. They don’t have to wade through an hour-long webinar to get the answer to their question.

One of our clients, Raj, shared that it doesn’t matter if it’s written in Sanskrit, its job is done when they click the opt-in button.

Obviously, once somebody has opted in, we want to move people further, but I just want you to come from the frame. Imagine that all that had to go on was a title, maybe a subhead and an image of whatever the thing is.

For us, some of the best lead magnets are worksheets. It’s like a one page PDF that we’ll use in workshops or on webinars with clients. It’s just like a single piece of paper that’s useful.

So don’t stress too much. Please don’t write your magnum opus and make that your lead magnet. Its job is done once somebody opts in.

Hope that helps. Keep it super simple. Once that’s done, once they’ve opted in, then get them into your 14-day follow up sequence and you are golden.

This is Taki from #AskTaki. Out.


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