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How many words is a picture worth, again? I can’t seem to remember.

I honestly don’t know what’s more annoying: hearing that overused phrase one more time, or knowing I constantly need to be reminded of the wisdom in it.

We are all visual people — some of us more so than others, but the fact remains. We know how powerful pictures can be.

Why is it, then, that we become completely blind to this truth when developing our coaching models?

Let me explain.

In the last post, we talked about making clear promises to our prospects that tell them, “When you come to my program, it’s designed to help people like you get these outcomes within this timeframe.”

This thing is, if all you do is tell them, you’re basically saying, “Hi. Trust me!” and leaving it at that.

We need to do more.

We need to create visual context, a diagram that explains the journey they’re going to be on when they join our program.

Now we’re saying, “When you come to my program, it’s designed to help people like you get these outcomes within this timeframe. Here’s the process you’ll go through.”

When you get this right, you give your prospects a visual representation of the three most important things they want to know.

  1. Problem — they understand me
  2. Promise — there’s a better future
  3. Process — they can get me there

In your model, there are a few ways to think about this.

If you have a 6 to 8-week course, then typically we’re going to use a signature system which looks just like this diagram.

It shows prospects, “Here’s where we start, that’s the outcome this is designed to give you, and here are the milestones and steps in the process.” If your program is a six to eight-week course at any price point, this style is the simplest model to use.

Think of it as a subway map — the departure point, destination, and stops along the way are crystal clear.

If your program is longer, then we’ll use a different model for establishing visual context.

For example, here’s the model I use for BlackBelt:

If we used a subway map style diagram for longer programs, there would be too many steps to list. Instead, we use a model that says, “If you want to move from your problem to the promise, here are three, four, or five pieces of the puzzle we’ll use to get there.”

By batching the pieces of the of the process into categories (like Attract, Convert, Deliver, and Scale), we make the model simple and easy to digest.

This keeps us from listing 1000 different steps of the process and it keeps prospects and clients from becoming overwhelmed.

Creating visual context in a model achieves three things.

1. It helps prospects know what they’re buying.

2. It helps clients know where they are in the journey.

3. It helps you deliver your program in an organized way.

What about you?

Do you have a clear model or diagram that explains how your program works contextually, either with a signature system you can draw with prospects or a model that summarizes the process if it’s a more involved program?

Does it help you sell what your program to prospects, show current clients know where they are in the process, and help you deliver your coaching?

Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.


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