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How To Become The Answer To Your Coaching Clients Needs

For a coaching model to be successful, it must meet the needs of four key stakeholders.

It must work for you, your prospects, your clients, and the coaching business as a whole. Without meeting the needs of all four, you’ll inevitably run into serious problems.

In the last post, we talked about meeting your needs before we take care of our prospects or clients.

Now we’ll take a look at meeting our prospects’ needs.

The Top 3 Reasons Coaches Fail At Content Marketing

The line between content and marketing is fuzzy. These days it’s become so blurred that it’s hard to tell what’s what. Sometimes, what looks like news is fiction and what looks like fiction is really news.

We know content marketing is vitally important to growing our coaching business, but as tough as it is to identify content marketing, it’s even harder to create it.

Here are the most common problems coaches run into when trying to create killer content marketing on their own.

The Key To Creating Valuable Marketing Content For Your Coaching Prospects

Coaches often think that their marketing can only fall on one of two sides of the value spectrum.

On one side of the spectrum, there’s no-value/all-pitch. Coaches think that if they want to have a chance of selling their program, they need to focus on a sales pitch instead of giving away loads of information.

The other side of the spectrum is high-value/no-pitch. They want to engage their prospects by providing useful information, but they have a hard time fitting in an offer in a tasteful way.

How To Get Rid of Low Grade Coaching Clients Once and For All

Coaches often fail at converting prospects to clients because of one simple aspect of the sales process: They’re not in control.

When you’re at the mercy of your prospect’s hiring criteria, they control the buying process.

To shift the control, you need to be one to set the buying criteria.

Stack The Deck In Your Favor

The first step is to identify and push hot buttons. We recently went into depth about it here.