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Converting prospects into clients can be the most challenging part of the business for many coaches.

They may know exactly who their target market is, what their problems are, and where to find them. They might even know their prospects by name.

For these coaches, it’s not lead generation that’s the biggest challenge – it’s lead conversion.

When coaches struggle with conversion, the problems usually come up in the sales appointment.

Prospects give you excuses about why they can’t buy now or they put up resistance to the prices you’re charging.

Other times, you may be close to sealing the deal, but you lose out to competition.

For coaches struggling with lead conversion, it’s usually because the prospect has set the criteria for what they want in a coach, and you’re at their mercy.

The solution isn’t to adhere to a prospect’s hiring criteria – it’s for you to set the buying criteria.

When you set the buying criteria, you’re in control of the sales process, not the other way around.

Hot Buttons

The first thing to do when setting the buying criteria is to identify what the hot buttons are. Then, you push them.

What’s a hot button?

A hot button is any important or relevant issue for you prospect. It’s that simple.

Any important or relevant issue remember that.

Some hot buttons are obvious pain points we can poke at, like inserting needles into like a voodoo doll.

Others aren’t quite so obvious. They’re just important or relevant issues that your prospects need to be aware of to make a decision.

To identify hot buttons, we can create a quick worksheet we’ll refer to when laying out the actual criteria.

First, create a list with three columns. Each of the three columns will be a category of hot buttons.

First category of hot button is called Benefits of Coaching.

These are the benefits of working with someone like you – not just you, but any coach in your niche. What value does the prospect gain from working with a coach? If you get stuck, just think about the alternatives to using a coach and work backwards.

The next column is Objections to Coaching.

List all of the objections that prospects may have to buying into a coaching program.

Such as: It takes too long; It costs too much; I don’t have time; I’m busy; I could do this in a seminar; etc.

Finally, the third column is Coach Selection.

These will be all of the reasons why someone should hire YOU, not somebody else. What makes you unique from all other coaches in your market? What do you do better than anyone else? What are your differentiators?

These hot buttons form the basis for your buying criteria. They don’t have to be elaborate. They should just give you a quick overview of why prospects need coaching and why they need you over someone or something else.

In the next post, we’ll cull this list and set real buying criteria that we’ll pump out in our marketing.


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