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 A great client of mine, Vanessa, once asked, “How do I know what’s the best next step to invite people at the end of the webinar. Do I sell my product? Do I sell a session? Do I sell a big product? What’s the best offer?”

The answer is actually easier than you think.

It’s really simple. I go by price point. This is a rule of thumb, so it can be broken. But generally speaking, if you’re selling something less than $2,000, sell it direct off the webinar.

So, if you’re selling a 6-week course or an 8-week course and the price point is less than 2K, just sell the damn thing. Cool?

If you’re selling something more than 2K, all up to 50 to 60K, generally speaking, the next step is gonna be a strategy session. Some kind of a consultation on the phone and sell the big ticket product.


The Perfect Prospect Pipeline

If you know anything about the perfect prospect pipeline that we use in Black Belt or the four step sales program, where we have an Indoctrination Event, a Funnel Filter, a Triage Call and then a Strategy Session.


The Indoctrination Event

The webinar is going to be the Indoctrination Event. The seagulls are busy saying good day. Generally speaking, instead of offering a Strategy Session, we offer a triage call. And so what we do is figure out the market you’re in, and the result that they most desperately want, and then we’ll call it an audit.


The Triage Call

So for example, if I work with accountants and I help them with their profit, I’ll call it an accounting practice profit audit. And that’s what I call my Triage Call>. So if you’re selling something more than 2K, figure out who or what the market is, what the result they most definitely want. And then offer them an audit or a Strategy Session directly aimed at those guys. 

So again, less than 2K, sell the damn thing. The higher price usually needs immediate steps like a triage call.

Are you most interested in getting and selling lower price offers like $2,000 or less or you’re most interested in going straight to the top and selling something big, fat, and expensive?

Leave a comment below. I’d love to know. Let’s continue this conversation down there. Alright?


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