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The Best Offer For Your Webinar

 A great client of mine, Vanessa, once asked, “How do I know what’s the best next step to invite people at the end of the webinar. Do I sell my product? Do I sell a session? Do I sell a big product? What’s the best offer?”

The answer is actually easier than you think.

It’s really simple. I go by price point. This is a rule of thumb, so it can be broken.

How To Keep Your Best Prospects From Slipping Through Holes In Your Marketing

Marketing is compared to fishing a lot. At the risk of overusing the analogy, I think I can milk it for a little more. We don’t want to catch one fish at a time with a rod. We want to catch a bunch of fish at once, so we use a net.

Here’s the mistake we make. We try to market as broad as we can. We think that the broader our reach is, the more people we can attract.