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The Best Offer For Your Webinar

 A great client of mine, Vanessa, once asked, “How do I know what’s the best next step to invite people at the end of the webinar. Do I sell my product? Do I sell a session? Do I sell a big product? What’s the best offer?”

The answer is actually easier than you think.

It’s really simple. I go by price point. This is a rule of thumb, so it can be broken.

Increase Your Webinar Close Rate By Answering These 3 Core Questions

If you’ve run a live event or webinar before, you probably know that delivering your content (the ‘meat’ of your event) isn’t the most stressful part.

It’s the close – the time you make your offer, with the goal to convert prospects into clients.

When you get the close wrong, you feel lousy. You’ve missed an opportunity to provide value to your prospects and make a sale – not exactly our dream scenario.

It’s tough to get it right,

How to Convert Webinar Attendees Into Clients Using Desire-Based Tension

The Close.

It’s the most important part of your live event. It’s the moment you finally make your sales offer.

If you get it right, people will jump all over your offer, begging to buy from you. If you get it wrong, all the energy and preparation you put into the event will feel like a waste of time.

Some coaches have no problem teaching and interacting during the live event, but when it comes to the close,

Webinar Marketing: Map Out Marketing to Max Out Attendance

Preparing for a successful webinar isn’t just compiling the right stats and piecing together a slideshow.

Sure, those things are important, but the REAL challenge is getting prospects to register and attend.

If nobody signs up or shows up, your webinar is useless at turning prospects into clients.

Your marketing campaign must be a priority. I can quickly tell if it’s not because the campaign is always disorganized, behind on schedule and doesn’t convert prospects.

How To Create Webinar Content That Teaches and Sells

When hosting a webinar to generate sales, you probably follow the typical structure. For a one-hour webinar, you’ll spend 10 minutes on your introduction and 15 minutes on your offer and closing remarks at the end.

That gives you 35 minutes to teach valuable content to your prospects. If all goes well, some of those prospects will buy your coaching program.

Coaches often give away their best content. They teach and teach and teach,

What Is The Best Marketing Channel For Your Webinar?

Webinars are unbelievably effective tools for marketing, selling, and delivering your coaching services. As great as they are though, they come with their own challenges. In addition to all the research and preparation that goes into pulling off a successful webinar, you MUST promote it.

You might give the greatest webinar of all time, but without the right marketing, two things suffer:

— You won’t have enough people register.
— You won’t have enough people attend.

Intensify Intrigue Leading Up To Your Webinar

The first goal when promoting a webinar is getting prospects to register. And, while the right marketing plan can boost your registrations, it shouldn’t end there.

Sadly, for most coaches, that’s exactly where it ends. Even if people register, there’s no guarantee they’ll show up. Without attendance, how do you expect to convert prospects into clients?

Every coach wants to boost attendance, but you can’t afford to focus solely on the raw number of people that attend.