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The first goal when promoting a webinar is getting prospects to register. And, while the right marketing plan can boost your registrations, it shouldn’t end there.

Sadly, for most coaches, that’s exactly where it ends. Even if people register, there’s no guarantee they’ll show up. Without attendance, how do you expect to convert prospects into clients?

Every coach wants to boost attendance, but you can’t afford to focus solely on the raw number of people that attend. Let’s say that in the past, you’ve had 40 people attend. Many coaches would love those attendance numbers. But what if that’s only 15-20% of registrants?

We want to boost the attendance rates to 40, 50, even 60 percent! The goal is to increase both registration and attendance by closing the gap between them.

So, how do you do it?

What’s keeping your prospects that sign up from showing up, and how can you overcome it?

Billboard Brilliance

In September of 1981, a French advertising campaign captured everyone’s attention.

In several cities, billboards went up featuring a young model in a bikini on the beach. The message next to her promised that on September 2nd, just two days away, she would remove her top. Thousands of people saw the posters and wondered, “Is she really going to do it? Will she actually take her top off?”.

Sure enough, two days later, the billboard changed. It was the same girl, but topless. She actually did it! The sign now said that on September 4 she would remove her bikini bottoms.

If it seems like I’m crossing into a gray area, just stay with me. The lesson is totally worth it!

The media went crazy. By then, tens of thousands of people were held in suspense, wondering if she’d follow through with the second promise.

On September 4, the billboard changed again. She was now facing away with her back to the camera and… she was completely naked.

The new billboard read, “Avenir, an outdoor company that keeps its promises.”

So, what does it have to do with marketing your webinar? Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you that you have to get naked for people to show up.

For most of us, we promote a webinar trying to build excitement. Once people register though, what happens? We just leave them hanging there. At best, the intensity stays where it was when they registered, and at worst, it diminishes and kills your attendance.

Your goal is to intensify the intrigue, just like the billboard campaign did. In marketing, you’re either growing or dying in people’s minds. There is no in-between.

Building the momentum leading up to the webinar requires two things.


1. Increase Curiosity

The first step to intensify the intrigue is to increase curiosity. When someone registers, give them a curiosity handout.

This is simply a document that shows them what’s going on the webinar. Include both fill-in-the-blanks and empty sections so people can take notes while following along with the webinar.

Not only is it a great learning aid, but if you write it well, it should make them curious to see exactly how the webinar goes before it ever starts.

2. Increase Desire

The next step is to increase desire. A great way to do this is through video.

Send two or three short videos to registrants in the days leading up to the webinar. Take the best videos you’ve posted to your blog and put together an email sequence.

You can even compile a few short clips from previous webinars to act as a highlight reel. This gives you a chance to show off your knowledge beforehand and it makes them hungry for your presentation.


What’s keeping your prospects that sign up for your webinar from showing up?


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