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If you’ve run a live event or webinar before, you probably know that delivering your content (the ‘meat’ of your event) isn’t the most stressful part.

It’s the close – the time you make your offer, with the goal to convert prospects into clients.

When you get the close wrong, you feel lousy. You’ve missed an opportunity to provide value to your prospects and make a sale – not exactly our dream scenario.

It’s tough to get it right, but when you do, it’s wonderful. It’s great for your confidence and your bank account. The newly converted clients feel great about their decision to buy from you, and the people that opt out can feel good knowing that it wasn’t the right fit for them.

It’s a win-win-win situation, and this is what you’re shooting for.

There are several key principles that make up a successful close. One of the most important is what I call Dispensing The Magic Pills.

Why? What? How?

When making your offer, be careful about how you present your coaching program. If you only show a menu of your services, prospects will quickly become overwhelmed and confused.

Instead, you want to talk about your program in a way that gets progressive buy-in. This helps prospects gradually accept that your program is right for them, and it happens by answering three core questions.

  1. Why is this important to me right now?
  2. What is this all about?
  3. How do I get involved?

The why/what/how questions aren’t a revolutionary concept, but coaches tend to have a hard time articulating them in an offer. The ‘magic pills’ answer these questions before our prospects even have a chance to ask.

The Six Magic Pills



  1. Problem – Describes the reason you created your program.
    I saw that many people were being held back by [X,Y,Z].
  2. Prescription – Briefly describes what prospects need to do to overcome these struggles.
    The first three things you’ll want to fix are [A,B,C].”


  1. Outcome – Describes the results of your program.
    This program will double your income, free up 15 hours a week, or add 100 lbs to your bench-press.
  2. Model – Visually represents the content. This can be a basic graphic that sums up what your program will focus on.In my program, Blackbelt, we focus on four areas of content: How to attract the leads we want, convert those prospects into clients, so that we can deliver our program in a way that allows us to scale.


  1. Logistics – Describe how the program works.
    We meet once a week on phone, twice a month through webinars, and once a month in person…
  2. Price – Tell them how much the program costs and reinforce the value it will bring them.

As you go through these, you want to move in order from the top down. This draws them in through a progression, giving us the progressive buy-in we’re looking for.

For example, you wouldn’t start your offer by talking about price. This creates a barrier in prospects’ minds before you demonstrate the value they’ll be getting. Instead, you’re going to start by telling them why it matters, then move on to what’s involved, and end by telling them how it works.

By using this progression, you make the prospect’s decision to become a client as easy as possible.


When making your webinar offer, are you covering each of these 6 magic pills?


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