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The phone rings and it’s your client…

You know, Christmas is coming up, and I’ve been thinking… We’re going away for a little while and things are getting really busy around here. With all of the family stuff and the travelling, I think we should just take a break.

It sounds a little like a bad breakup. If you’ve been in the coaching game for any period of time, you’ve probably experienced something like this.

But, as depressing as that sounds, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are things you can do right now to keep clients longer, refocus them, and get them super excited about the 12 months that lie ahead.

I recently got this email from a coach:

Last week, I lost 4 clients in 3 days!
They ALL said they wanted to take a break over Christmas.
Some were too busy, others were taking a break…
…None of them saw value in paying me over Christmas.
What did I do wrong?
(And how can I make sure I don’t lose any more clients?)
— Steven

If you’ve ever had multiple clients leave, you know how heartbreaking it is. It’s terrible anytime and even worse at Christmas. I don’t want this to happen to you, so the best place to start is understanding why it happens in the first place.

Clients Shut Down

Over Christmas, around 75 percent of small businesses shut down, turn off, and walk out of the office to get on with their holiday.

If that’s the case with your clients, here’s their perspective:
I’m not working, let alone thinking about you or your coaching because I’m wrapped up in the holidays. So why would I continue paying you?

Bottom line: they think they’re paying for value they’re not getting.
And so the game ends.
There’s only so much time you can keep clients that aren’t feeling your value before they leave.

Clients Get Too Busy

So, while around 75 percent of people check out and shut down, most others are ramping up for the holidays. Industries like hospitality, tourism, and retail are swamped over the Christmas season.

They don’t take off for vacation like the others. They’ll be so busy they can’t see straight, focused on making money and getting the most out of the season. That means until the craziness dies down, they don’t want to talk to you.

If either of these scenarios are true, there’s a risk they’ll want to end your services because they don’t feel the value.

When this happens during Christmas it hurts your wallet, at a time when expenses are the highest.

See The Opportunity

Yes there’s a danger, but also an opportunity.

Throughout this week, I’m going to share little about what you can do with clients before they go on vacation or get too busy. We want to make sure they see your value and are excited about the year to come.

What we really want is for our clients to commit.

We want them to commit to themselves and to their future. These combined means recommitting to you. Instead of losing business at Christmas, you get cash at Christmas.

I want you to walk into Christmas feeling strong and confident you’re doing the right things to keep your clients.


Stay tuned to the blog this week as we look at some tools & strategies to keep your clients happy over the holidays.


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