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Preparing for a successful webinar isn’t just compiling the right stats and piecing together a slideshow.

Sure, those things are important, but the REAL challenge is getting prospects to register and attend.

If nobody signs up or shows up, your webinar is useless at turning prospects into clients.

Your marketing campaign must be a priority. I can quickly tell if it’s not because the campaign is always disorganized, behind on schedule and doesn’t convert prospects. Sound familiar?

The best way to prevent this is creating a campaign calendar. And in this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.


Calendar The Campaign

It’s one thing to set a date for your webinar. But, it’s entirely different to map out your marketing so you actually go through with it. Remember, the marketing maximizes your registration and attendance.

You can use any scheduling tool you like – a wall planner, paper diary, or computer calendar – but pick one and stick to it.

First, add the webinar date to your calendar. Once you can visualize that date, you can plan when your first email will be sent out. Go ahead and schedule your initial email and all follow-up emails from there. (Examples below)

When you map it out like this, not only are being strategic, but you can literally see where the gaps are in your outreach. This allows you to fill them in quickly. Establish this structure early on and you’ll push yourself to action. Once you know when your emails or Facebook ads are going out, all you have to do is backfill the content for each message.

If you’re promoting the webinar to your own email list, you might choose to do a 10-day campaign like this:


This schedule works great for a long campaign.

A short campaign might look like this:


You can even add your email content to the notes for future reference.

Facebook Ads Promotion Tip

If your campaign promotion involves Facebook ads, you shouldn’t market as far in advance as you would with email. I’ve found that Facebook ads work best when sent out 24-48 hours before the webinar. Any more than 48 hours out will give you decent registrations, but your show-up rate will be horrible.

Create a System

If your first campaign doesn’t produce the registration and attendance you hoped for, test different frequency combos and email content. Just don’t stop scheduling! You’ll find the right mix but it requires constant testing.

The goal here is to create a system that works – a system that you don’t need to think about every time you host a webinar. The emails or Facebook ads are associated with each date in your calendar. This becomes a system you can use again and again.

Remember! Calendar it, build it, and use it forever.


The best way to prevent a bad webinar attendance is creating a campaign calendar.


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