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In this blog post, I will teach you what to do if you don’t know what video you are going to make. Specifically, how to know what content to create that your audience will love.

Are you having a good time so far? Have you got more than your two hundred dollars worth of value? At some point in the future should come. Alright, so this is a shameless blog, where we are just talking about how to know what to talk about.

Creating Content

So the hardest thing in the world is like having a blank page when it comes to creating content, like not knowing what to write about or video to talk about.

Setting News Traps

So I want to teach Setting News Traps. It’s an idea I first got from my friend James Schramko, He and I do a podcast together at And here’s the idea, instead of having a blank page and not know what to talk about, it would be a great idea if you could lay out in you worlds some traps that capture ideas to talk about. Making sense? So a News Traps for you might be industry news, it could be what competitors are up to or like to be honest, I never really look at what’s better to do because I’m too busy having fun on my own thing.

Then why did I do it? Is that when I coach my clients every two weeks, around a webinar and on that webinar they ask me questions. So I asked, What’s your biggest win? What are you working on right now? And What do you need? And when they get me to what they need, they ask me a question and because I’m kind a little bit geeky and visual, when they tell me what they need, I work out a plan for them on my Ipad using an app called Paper by 53. So, I’ve got it right here, one of the notes from last week’s coaching session, I got to zoom in a little bit. It’s all my scribbles and all my drawings for my clients. And what I do when it comes to shooting my videos like this one, is just I put my Ipad down and I pick a topic that helps my actual clients.

Four Commitments of Follow Up

We’re just talking about the four commitments of follow-up. Commit to frequency, commit to value, commit to the invitation and commit to personal. And it’s easy to be a valuable content to help your real clients, it will totally help your prospects too. So have a look at your News Trap and pick some and help the client. Oh, that one there, Why, What, how now, looks like I can create a topic. So I could do my next video about that because I set a news trap that captured the idea.

So the big idea for this week is really simple, it’s to capture or have News Trap, to capture the idea. See, you’re never sure of an idea. The easiest way is to, at the end of every coaching session, make a little note about what the topic was and when it comes to creating your content for the week or the next month, look back to your topic list, pick something out of that and be really fresh.

What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear them. Leave a comment below.


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