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4 (Necessary) Steps to Webinar Marketing Mastery

While getting people to register for your webinar is a goal of the marketing, it shouldn’t be your only goal. The ultimate goal is to sell your coaching program, which means we have to think of marketing the webinar as more than an event. It’s actually a process made up of multiple steps.

How To Increase Your Coaching Prices And Feel Bulletproof About Your Value

Are you completely satisfied with your coaching prices? If so, congratulations!

If not, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Just the other day I spoke with three coaches, all at different places in their careers, who are struggling with pricing.

The first conversation was with a brand new coach. He said that because he’s just starting his coaching program, he has no clue what charge. When you’re starting out, it’s a perfectly natural question to ask.

Webinar Marketing: Map Out Marketing to Max Out Attendance

Preparing for a successful webinar isn’t just compiling the right stats and piecing together a slideshow.

Sure, those things are important, but the REAL challenge is getting prospects to register and attend.

If nobody signs up or shows up, your webinar is useless at turning prospects into clients.

Your marketing campaign must be a priority. I can quickly tell if it’s not because the campaign is always disorganized, behind on schedule and doesn’t convert prospects.