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Want to crush your webinar marketing?

Who doesn’t, right? Well, this simple mindset shift made ALL the difference for me!

While no marketing is necessarily “easy”, some types are easier than others. One reason marketing a webinar is much easier than general marketing is that it’s event-driven.

If we’re running a webinar on Friday, we have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning to ramp up our promotion using one of the greatest marketing advantages ever: scarcity.

Scarcity is woven into the DNA of every sporting event, concert, party, conference, seminar, intensive, and live webinar. Because there’s a set time and date, people know they only have one chance to attend which is incredibly influential.

But while that sense of urgency is a huge advantage, if we treat webinars like any other live event, we miss out on some major opportunity!

Think “Process”, Not “Event”

If we were promoting a concert, we could stick up fliers, send emails, and possibly post ads on social media. People see that their favorite band is playing at a specific venue at a set time and date, so they buy tickets and our job is done. In this case, the main goal is to sell tickets — to get people to register.

Webinars are a bit more complicated, though. While getting people to register is a goal, it’s not the only goal.

The ultimate goal of a sales webinar is to sell your coaching program, right? That means we have to think of marketing the webinar as more than an event. It’s actually a process made up of multiple steps.

This simple mindset shift is huge. The biggest mistake coaches make when marketing their webinars is seeing the marketing as one step. They think they have one job to do: send promotional emails and they’re done. That may get people to register, but it doesn’t accomplish the ultimate goal of selling their program.

The thing is, marketing a webinar isn’t just one step. It’s actually four steps.

First, we need to slice up our marketing into four different pieces.

1. Sign Up

The first step is to get people to sign up for the webinar. Here, our job is to drive registrations.

2. Show Up

If you’ve run a webinar before, you know that just because someone signs up, it doesn’t mean they’ll actually attend. So the second step is to get people to show up. This is where a stick strategy and post-registration campaign (between when they register and when the webinar begins) is so important. Here, our job is to drive attendance.

3. Pay Up

That leads us to the webinar itself, where we want people to make a decision for themselves and their future by choosing your coaching program. Here, our job is to drive conversions.

4. Follow Up

After the webinar is over, the fourth step is to follow up. Here, our job is to drive even more sales.

Creating the System

When you think of webinar promotion as a process, you’ll notice that three steps are perfect for individual systems that fire off in succession, like an automated workflow or auto-responder sequence.

The Sign-Up sequence includes your initial promotion designed to get people to register. This includes an automated series of emails in Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Hubspot, Drip (or whatever CRM you use), Facebook ads, LinkedIn promotions, or JV partners.

Once someone registers, they’re instantly and automatically disconnected from the Sign-Up sequence and connected to the Show-Up sequence where we’ll remind and incentivize people to attend.

[Note: It’s important that moving people to different sequences is automated. If it’s manual, it’s hard, tedious work that’s a bit annoying.]


For the longest time in my business, I only focused on these three steps in marketing webinars. The first thing I mastered was the Pay-Up. I learned how to structure a webinar that consistently converted clients. But then I realized if I wanted more clients, I needed to get more people to register.

I ramped up my promotion and built a Sign-Up sequence consisting of emails, Facebook ads, landing pages, and lead magnets. After a while, I learned if I only relied on the generic GoToWebinar reminder emails and didn’t create a system for driving attendance, I was losing out on a ton of opportunity. So I created a Show-Up sequence with thank-you pages, reminder emails, video teasers, and pre-webinar worksheets.

Then I found that I was missing out on about 30% of the sales, so I created a fourth step: after the webinar, we’ll activate a Follow-Up sequence.

This sequence should vary based on how registrants and attendees act regarding these three questions:

  1. Did they show up?
  2. Did they buy?
  3. Did they leave early?

Once we know how someone behaved, we can send a specific Follow-Up sequence to sell our program.

Key Takeaways

  1. Marketing a webinar isn’t one step. It’s four steps.
    1. Sign Up
    2. Show Up
    3. Pay Up
    4. Follow Up
  2. Three of these pieces can be automated with auto-responder sequences built directly into a software system (CRM), saving you from manual monotony.
  3. Once you’ve built the sequences, you can use them over and over again with future webinars. Bottom line: It’s not work you have to repeat. It’s one-time work you can duplicate.

Want to master webinar marketing? Break it down into these four steps to drive registrations, attendance, conversions, and follow-up sales. It works.


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