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In the last blog, I introduced you to Tristan Bond – a coach who was approached by his joint-venture partner about running a webinar to members of their network.

These members were in Tristan’s target market, but he was prevented from doing any selling by the JV partner.

To work around this, we came up with a plan that allowed Tristan to keep his JV partners happy and still generate great sales figures.

The first step we covered was inviting the members to an education-based marketing event that promised to help them with one specific problem.

In that event, we needed to do something really clever. That brings us to the next step.

Package Your Strategy Session

In the JV partner’s webinar, we can’t explicitly sell.

In the education-based marketing event we invite the members to, we shouldn’t try to sell our coaching program either. That means no traditional table of value, offer with bonuses, price drop, or other “act now” incentives or calls-to-action.

The education-based event is still based on the JV partner’s relationship, so it’s much better to sell in our environment, not theirs.

We can sell in a strategy session, but we need to invite people to it in a clever way.

If you were to end your event by saying, “The next step is for you to have a consultation with me,” then it’s obvious you’re just trying to get people into your sales process.

Instead, with Tristan, we ended up packaging the strategy session as one of three parts of a gift. He called the package The Practice Growth Pack, but you can call it whatever you’d like. This creates an attractive bundle that people can ask for at the end of the event.

The package includes three different pieces.

  • Free report or Ebook
  • CD or mp3
  • Strategy session or consultation

These are bundled together, so that even if someone just wants the Ebook or Mp3, too bad. They get the strategy session as well.

That brings us to the final step.

Have The Conversion Consultation

Once they’ve registered for the gift and booked a time for the strategy session, it’s your job to have, what we call in Coach Marketing Machine, a Conversion Consultation.

This is a nine-step consultation that moves people from being curious to committed in a 45 to 60 minute period.

It’s beautiful because there’s no pressure and it stretches the gap between where they are and where they most want to be. Then, they feel the tension and make a decision about what they want for their future.

You’ll find that this comes with an extremely high conversion rate.

In my experience, I convert around 94-95% of prospects in this consultation and my clients convert between 70-86% of prospects.

Sell Without Selling

As I said earlier, this worked beautifully for Tristan. I want to give you the numbers so you can have a sense of what to expect for yourself by following this process.

He had 101 people live on his education-based marketing webinar.

Of the 101, 23 people requested his free Practice Growth Pack. Remember, this bundle included a consultation, which is higher risk than just accepting an Ebook or CD, so 23% isn’t a bad response.

Of those 23 people who, 16 people bought his one-year coaching program, priced at $21,000. That means that just two and half weeks after the initial webinar, he walked away with $336,000.

To recap, first you want to invite the attendees of your JV partner’s webinar to an education-based marketing event.

In that event, bundle your strategy session in a gift package that people can request at the end.

Finally, you’ll stretch the gap in a Conversion Consultation, making prospects commit to your coaching program.

That’s how you sell without selling.


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