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Sell Without Selling: How To Gift Wrap Your Sales Appointments

In the last blog, I introduced you to Tristan Bond – a coach who was approached by his joint-venture partner about running a webinar to members of their network.

These members were in Tristan’s target market, but he was prevented from doing any selling by the JV partner.

To work around this, we came up with a plan that allowed Tristan to keep his JV partners happy and still generate great sales figures.

The first step we covered was inviting the members to an education-based marketing event that promised to help them with one specific problem.

Are You A Hunter or A Builder?

Marketing Tip For Marketing or Coaching Business

I’m going to give you a marketing tip — what we can learn about marketing or coaching business from the ancient Roman Empire.

That’s right, stay tuned.

It’s a long week four of the five-week holiday with our family.  Right now, just taken a tour of Pompeii, and saw a bunch of bodies being vulcanized, I think that’s the right word, getting hit by the ashes and the dust and the lava,